10 Architecture Online Courses For Students And Architects

In recent years, online courses for students and architects have become more and more popular, mainly because they provide you with the flexibility and ability to learn anytime, anywhere.

1. Architectural Imagination

This online course for students and architects teaches students to understand architecture as an expression of cultural and technological achievements. You will conduct a lively analysis of the model building and perform actual drawing and sculpting exercises, which will bring you closer together. In this architecture course, you will explore the basic principles of architecture as an academic or professional career, and study some of the most important buildings in history. You will also learn how innovative technologies can promote and advance new aesthetic experiences or break old traditions.

2. Zero Energy Design: A Sustainable Building Approach

One way to achieve this goal is to reduce energy consumption. Suitable for existing buildings, such as apartments, offices, etc. The online course for students and architects shows you how a comprehensive approach that considers both passive measures (such as shading) and active measures (such as heat pumps) can provide the best results. This takes into account an overview of possible measures and a review of various case studies and case studies of zero-energy buildings, which also include other climatic conditions.

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3. Ecological Design Of Cities And Suburbs

If you often dream of redesigning your city or your home, then this online course for students and architects may be for you. Create a sustainable building and natural environment system". You will understand the conceptual framework of ecological design, and understand the tools, processes, and methods of design and implementation guidelines.

4. Sustainable Building Development: An Interdisciplinary Introduction

Architects should always focus on sustainability. This online course for students and architects aims to provide an interdisciplinary approach to building sustainability. Define your architecture. In this course, you will learn how to develop conceptual models from the architectural elements of a building, optimize performance, and use basic. A tool to introduce energy and measure the potential impact of climate change. If it follows an interdisciplinary approach, there will be performance evaluation and urban policy.

5. Using Grasshopper To Design Parametric Architecture

In this online course for students and architects, participants will learn Model 3D free-form models and convert them into parametric methods. The difference in this course is that instead of creating one or two design models for a project, you learn to develop an interactive fitting model that consists of several Driven by a selected design parameter and is capable of generating various design options. You can use smart components to define an efficient and powerful system of interconnected components by creating geometric figures and applying geometric and mathematical operations.

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6. Home Automation For Beginners-Build Your Own Smart Home

A smart move provides many benefits that can improve your life. For example, if you have a burglar in your home or detect smoke in your kitchen, you can receive text messages and warning emails on your smartphone. Setting up and running a smart home is often a confusing and costly process. This online course for students and architects is designed to help you solve this problem. Reduce energy consumption and create a pleasant living environment.

7. General Understanding Of Structural Mechanics

This online course for students and architects aims to convey to students the basic concepts and techniques of static structural analysis. You will learn the basics of force, moment, and the application of static balance principles. We will carefully study topics such as common solutions and cutting methods. Online courses are designed to cover the main topics that students usually face first in structural mechanics research. It will address areas where learners often find it difficult to get started. The course also combines theory with practice by studying how structural behavior patterns are related to the real world.

8. Steel Structure-Learning Design Principles

In this online course for students and architects, participants learn and understand the basics and easily build steel beams. This is the ideal choice if you are looking for an introduction or overview of

9. Bridge Design Fundamentals Design And Modeling Concepts

In this online course, participants will cover the basic concepts and techniques of bridge design. B. The definition of bridges, the different types, and the static system of each bridge type. Other topics covered include bridge components, different types of design codes, and different types of loads. The course involves areas that are quite difficult for students. The first step focuses on the connection between theory and practice.

10. Learn To Read Structure Diagrams Using Real Videos

This online course for students and architects teaches what engineering students cannot do in four years of university. The practical knowledge required to work on the construction site. In addition to helping you read the construction drawings, this course will also help you understand the actual placement of stiffeners. After completing this course, you will understand how to create a rebar bending program, provide length to workers, and create final transactions and invoices.

An online course for students and architects from this list covers a wide range of topics. So please follow them, as they will help you better understand architectural topics.

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