In this modern age, the beauty industry has developed to a great extent by following the best beauty hacks and pro-stylish tips. Everyone wants to look beautiful by using these beauty hacks. Makeup changes the look of anyone as a whole. In this age of the internet, you can easily learn the best beauty tips through digital platforms. You can get an online course for learning make-up and learn all tips for you at home.

There are many online tutorials to teach online makeup classes to beginners. With these tutorials, you can learn makeup from beginner to expert beautician level. The best thing is that you can attend these online makeup classes by staying at your home. In this pandemic session of Covid-19, you can use these courses for learning makeup to meet your beauty requirements while staying at home.

These online makeup courses also save you money and time. You can also get a certificate after completing these online makeup courses and can also be able to run a beauty salon. You can get the best training courses from beginner to advanced level. These online courses are available at affordable prices. After learning these basic makeup hacks, you can go through the expert level.

Some best online makeup courses recommended for you are as follows:

  • Vizio Makeup Academy
  • Makeup Artistry Courses (Udemy)
  • The Ultimate Makeup Master Class for Eyes (skillshare)
  •  Bombshell Beauty Academy
  • Melissa Hoffmann 10 Minute Makeup Course
  • Diploma in Makeup Artistry by Alison

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Vizio Makeup Academy

Vizio makeup academy offers four types of different online makeup courses. Each online course has its benefits and a level of learning. You can get these courses offered by Vizio by just submitting your name and amount to the site. All the courses are online and you can learn makeup hacks staying at home easily. The tutorials provided by these online courses can be accessed on your mobile phone, laptops, tablets. 

Introductory make course 

This course includes the all basics of makeup for beginners. This can take about 20 hours to learn and going through the basic makeup information for beginners.

  • Master Makeup Course

Master makeup course covers some intermediate level of hacks. You can learn some advanced hacks, how to apply eyeliner? and other Hollywood makeup looks. It takes about 65 hours to complete the master makeup course.

  • Premier Makeup Course 

By enrolling in the Premier makeup course, you get a 24-piece brush set. You can complete this course in about 150 hours and cover all premium course content. 

  • Elite Makeup Course 

The best makeup course offered by Vizio academy is the Elite Makeup course that makes you an expert level beautician by teaching all advanced beauty hacks. It takes about 220 hours to complete.

2. Makeup Artistry Course (Udemy)

Udemy is the best online platform that offers thousands of online courses. You can select an online makeup course for you from this platform. A large number of online makeup classes are available here for the public. You can find an online makeup course according to your budget and interest level.

The best makeup course by Udemy is Makeup Artistry. For beginners, there is available a beginner-level online course. It includes all basic introduction of basics about makeup.

3. Bombshell Beauty Academy

Bombshell Beauty Academy is the topmost beauty academy in Australia. It is providing all the best expert beauty courses to the public. The beginner can also choose a course of basic level from this site. The beginner level course is available at $600 that complete in 46 lessons. This course covers all introduction about makeup. It includes 15 different topics about makeup.

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate from Bombshell Beauty Academy. Another thing is that once you have signed up for a course you get lifetime access to your lessons. You can get back your lessons at any time by signing in to your account.

4. The Ultimate Makeup Master Class (skillshare)

Skillshare is another digital platform that offers many online courses to the public. You can choose an online makeup course from the Skillshare platform for learning and enhancing your beauty skills by staying at home. 

Skillshare is offering several makeup tutorials with a wide range of topics. These tutorials include eyebrow makeup, best glam looks, and tools to apply eyeliner. You also learn how to use makeup brushes. You can learn makeup from beginner to expert level by enrolling in Skillshare online makeup classes.

5. Melissa Hoffmann 10 Minute Makeup Course

Melissa Hoffmann is the best hair and makeup artist that is an inspiration to all women to get success in life. Melissa Hoffmann has offered many online beginners to make a tutorial for learning easily. The “1o Minute Makeup Course” is an opportunity for beginners to learn makeup easily. This course is available at $19. It includes 6 lessons on makeup covered in 3 chapters. There are advanced-level makeup tutorials on the official site of Melissa Hoffmann.

6. Diploma in Makeup Artistry by Alison

Alison is another best platform to get online makeup courses. “Diploma in Makeup Artistry” is a great skill learning course that covers all makeup arts at no cost. This is a free online makeup course. You will cover introduction, daytime and night makeup looks, and other beauty hacks in this online course. The basic makeup techniques are taught in this online course.

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