7 Best Online Fingerprint Analysis Course in 2021

Forensic science helps the scientific specialties to find answers to legal questions. Forensics psychology, forensic photography, digital forensic, forensic fingerprinting, and forensic anthropology are some niche areas under forensic science's broader umbrella. 

Online courses in forensic science are designed to give you an overview of what science is and provide you specific skills for your area of specialization. Our expert has audited hundreds of forensic science online courses to pick the ones that provide world-class training.

Unfortunately, it has opened up some career paths for those who like to pursue their fascinating careers. So, there are the seven best online Fingerprint Analysis courses in 2021. 

Forensic Psychology

Udemy offers this course. By taking this course, you can become a specialist in criminal investigations and forensic profiling. In this course, you can learn many fascinating facts and theories behind criminal thinking and behavior, whether you are ready to start your career in forensic psychology or use this information for your interest.

Discover Forensics

Forensic courses of the future learn to impart the basic forensic skills in the student taking the course. The University of Strathclyde offers you a basic course of Forensic science named, introduction to forensic science. This course helps you to learn the forensic science fundamentals.

The basic skills that improve through this course include crime scene investigation, reporting evidential value in the case, and much more. 

In this course, you discuss how psychology can throw light on evidence from eyewitnesses in police investigations.

Intro to Forensic Science

This course is the survey of general forensic science as taught in the United States of America. It is a college-level course aimed at students who wish to go on and work in crime scene investigation. 

This course is also taught in many FEPAC universities across the US. The course is for anyone interested in general forensic science. 

UF Health Online Course

This course is offered by UF health. This program is designed to address the learning requirements of working professionals. There are various areas to choose from for specialization and provide you an option to take up a graduate certificate or master's degree courses. 

This course covers fingerprints analysis of DNA, forensic immunology, biological evidence and serology, criminalities, crime scenes investigation. In addition to this, some topics in the course are forensic medicine, toxicology, and forensic anthropology.

Ashworth College Offers Career Diploma in Forensic Science

Ashworth College offers this course. This course discusses the different forensic techniques that are involved in solving crimes. You can improve your DNA analysis, fingerprint analysis, blood pattern analysis, and abilities for investigating crime science through this course. The course helps you improve your law knowledge and equips you with the practical skills necessary for a job.

Forensic Science Training

This course is offered by Florida international university. This course teaches digital crime scene photography that teaches how to capture appropriate and accurate photographic documentation of a crime scene. 

It will also help you learn the biological screening, which is packed with a theoretical knowledge base for forensic biological screening.

Udemy Forensic Science Courses

Whether you are a student or an expert associated with criminal law, anthropology, psychology, sociology, or digital forensics, it is the course that takes your forensic skills to the next level. This course teaches the intro to forensic science that covers the basic forensic and investigative sciences.

Few Other Important Courses for Fingerprint Analysis

Forensic Ballistic Investigation Course

The course will teach you everything needed to know about firearms, bullets, their types, injuries and appearance, comparison of firearms and bullets, and linking the two. In addition to this, you will also learn how to use it as evidence to present in the court of law. The course is super fun, super interesting, and super informative.

The Nan yang Technological University Offers Introduction to Forensic Science Course 

The most famous website, Coursera, offers this unique course. Does this course teach that how can traces of blood be used in evidence? What are the things that make DNA chemistry so much powerful? Therefore, this course is designed to help you in finding the answers to all these questions.

This course takes you deep into the scientific principles and techniques behind the work of fingerprint analysis. The basic things included in this course are case studies from Singapore and all over the world and investigating how you will find the answer to the questions.

The topics discussed in the course are an introduction to fingerprint analysis, chemical analysis in forensic science, time of death, DNA forensics, fingerprinting, polymers, and fibers. In addition, some more topics are included in the course are firearm, narcotics, and toxicology. 

Fundamental Forensic Scene Photography 

The photographic documentation of the scenes and evidence existed when the cameras were invented and also advanced with cameras. The process and protocols are specific to rules of evidence and have also advanced with the technology. This course is designed for new and veteran private investigators.

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