8 Best Cooking courses of 2021

No One Born is a Great cook one learns that by doing. To know how to cook a meal reduces your mental stress it makes you feel happy when you cook for yourself and provide it to your loved ones or if you are working as a professional cook to run your restaurant.  Learning how to cook good food is always a beneficial thing to do specifically with your health and gaining of weight point of view because most restaurants in the world purchase the cheapest ingredients to maximize their profits. Preparing your food also reduces your outdoor dining expenses. It’s time to start cooking. Here I am going to provide details about the 8 best online cooking courses one can learn.


Udemy Offers thousands of online cooking courses it provides you online learning materials you can select long or short videos about cooking baking and many other ways of cooking it provides you long and short videos.

You can learn Indian traditional recipes, Thai cooking styles, Moroccan cooking styles, another special beautiful feature is available you can set your level Beginner, intermediate or advanced if you are interested in basics it also offers basics level of courses if you purchase they give your lifetime access charges usually range between $10 to $100.

2-Kitchen Cooking School

Kitchen Cooking School offers you 20 lessons within 20 days if you want to learn the complete culinary skills the famous cooking brand was launched in late 2019 best part is it's free with no hidden costs every day a new topic is covered from handling the knife to prepare a complete dinner party they are providing material about-face everything here you can socialize with different course fellows in different countries through various social media platforms.


Well known Culinary school famous for online culinary arts validated by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation trusted by many industry professionals with their excellent membership program you gain access to 75 Different videos it also offers personal instructor who teach specific cooking techniques which you can perform with your own pace they tell about knife cut and knife sharpening techniques stocks, eggs, dry-heat cooking Methods, moist-heat cooking methods salad and salad dressing and much more membership charges stand between $10 to $99 a discounted offer is available with free 30 days trial period in their annual membership program best online platform to enhance the cooking skills you can enjoy free 30 days trial period.

4- America's Test Kitchen (cooking school)

Well known for their infallible recipes America's test Kitchen provides their expertise into your kitchens with their basic to advanced level learning videos once you become their member you can avail yourself many options according to your working speed more than 320 classes are designed for the different learning levels techniques, cooking basics, recipe types, indoor, outdoor cooking.

Soups and stews poultry, meat, vegetables, pasta, beans, grains, and seafood.

It also offers cooking classes for kids 14 days free trial $20 membership fee monthly and & $180 approximately for a year.

5- Master class

Its specialty is it offers courses taught by celebrity chefs and mycologists with their wealth of professional knowledge you can boost your cooking skills to restaurant's chef-level worldwide famous chefs such as Massimo Bottura Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay Alice Waters, Wolfgang Puck, are featured in instructional videos that include Knife Skills, one can avail this opportunity by paying $180 annually with a series of mini-courses and a workbook.


BBC isn't a news media organization only, how to roast vegetables how to make a stir fry recipe or how to bake a perfect pizza they have many instructional videos about Cooking and baking these videos attract new users to kitchens who are reluctant to cook all these videos are available free of cost most videos are one minute long due to usage of time-lapse way of filming because this content is from UK measurements are metric and temperature is measured in Celsius so you have to do some math conversions before start cooking.

7- The New York Times

An American daily newspaper based in New York City with a worldwide readership also provides a wide range of instructional food videos specific dietary preferences or requirements you can easily choose options from their categories section if you like selective food options like dairy-free, gluten-free, high fiber, low carb.

A free 30-day trial is available $5 per month and $40 annually you can cancel whenever you want.

8- The Chef & the Dish

The Distinguished part is the classes are happening live in real-time no prerecorded videos you can Skype the professional chefs around the globe many professionals chefs conduct classes from different regions of the world and thousands of different cultural cuisines charges are $300 for two participants.

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