9 Best Free Online Photography Courses

In this digital era, photography is everywhere. We turn on our phones or visit various sites almost all the time, and we are bombarded with images. In recent days, having a good eye for photography can shoot your social media pages into the sky and switch you into an influence. Furthermore, many people choose photography to make their careers. In addition to this, they required proper training.

In this article, we gather the 9 Best Free Online Photography Courses for those who love photography and those who choose photography as a profession. Using our exclusive methodology, we have owned a list of 9 Best Free Online Photography Courses.

Introduction to Photography and Related Media

This course is for beginners who don't know anything about photography. This course is freely available to anyone via the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Course Ware initiative, which features video lectures from a semester-long undergraduate-level course.

There are 4 photography teachers, which will help you learn the fundamentals of photography and the technical aspects of working analog and digital SLR cameras. 

Short Courses

Short courses are free online digital photography resources with several different focuses. Curtin's Guide to Digital cameras and Other Photography Equipment is surprising via resources considering it is completely free of cost.

Although it is a few years old, the information is still relevant to beginners looking to learn the basics. This course lays out the syllabus of information and lets you know what you are about to learn. It is very simple to follow and complete valuable information. There are also many other helpful guides included in short courses.

Fundamentals of DSLR Photography

This course is available on Skill Share, and Justin Bridges teach it. This course is featured more specifically toward DSLR users. The lessons in this short photography course are easier for beginners to follow and free from complicated photography jargon. This course is designed to obtain beginners up to speed rapidly to start shooting on their own as soon as possible. By the end of this free online course with a certificate, you will understand how to correctly balance settings such as ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and exposure. 

Lighting 101 Online Course

This free online course is for aspiring commercial photographers. People hoping to develop their skills and knowledge in new media can also enroll in this course. The features of this online course are exploring still and moving image photography. In Future Learning online course, you can learn filmmaking and the use of CGI, animation, and much more.

It will also educate you on how to create winning commercials even personal and individualized work for clients. If you are pursuing advertising, fashion, or editorial photography, all these will be very useful for you. 

Seeing Through Photographs

Lots of people capture pictures, but not all of them are looking pleasing. In this course, you will learn the aesthetic as well as technical aspects of capturing and framing. The trainer will use the photographs from the museum of modern art to explain the approach towards art and various elements that can be considered for framing photographs. This course should also educate you on considering the context of the surrounding subject to do photography and apply technical knowledge. At the end of the course, you will understand the different outlooks of a single photo.

Introduction to Digital Photography

Advanced Learning offers this course. This course takes almost 3 hours to complete and comes with a free certificate of achievement. You will learn the essential functions, techniques, and settings to use digital photography throughout this photography course. Furthermore, this course also educates you on how to operate your digital camera. This course is perfect for those who want a short photography overview from a trusted site. Upon completing the course, you will understand how to take a photo for any possible occasion.

Basic Photography

The comprehensive, mostly text tutorial course by Lifehacker starts with 3 sections. This course will educate you on how digital cameras works, automatic settings. You can also learn some more advanced settings such as shutter speed, aperture, and much more. The last 2 sections of this course will provide you very helpful information on compositional techniques.

It will also give you information about how to edit your photos during post-processing. The course also provides some additional digital photography resources for extended learning on every topic. 

Basics of Digital Image and Video Processing

Northwestern University offers this free online course through Coursera. The primary instructor Aggelos K. Katsaggelos helps the students to learn more about digital imaging. In addition, you will learn about digital imaging and video.

You will also be informed on how to apply these principles in commercial and scientific ways. This course is perfect for those who are more interested in the business or scientific side of photography.

Documentary Photography and Photojournalism

It is a free online photography course for aspiring photojournalism. This course will educate you to hone your photographic eye and skills by exposing you to the work of some of the most successful shooters in the field.

By the end of the course, you will have earned expert knowledge in capturing the essence of the scene. In addition to this, you will effectively convey a meaningful message despite the definite limitations of a still photo.

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