6 Best Courses to Learn a Foreign Language

The study of foreign languages lends a learning experience that improves communication and connection that is an extremely important life skill that solely arises from the interaction. A foreign tongue revolves around the notion of diversity that renders cultural sensitivity and enhances social comprehension. As the world becomes more and more globalized and there is a higher tendency for cultural synthesis, especially in professional spaces; learning a foreign language ensures elevated job prospects. This reflects on the conduction of many reputed international bodies such as the United Nations that holds eight global languages in its formal work. Moreover, academic researchers have observed the cognitive benefits of learning novel languages that present no restrictions on the biological age of an individual. As established above, the scholarship of foreign languages constructs a sense of sensitivity towards external elements. In a broader categorization, one becomes more open-minded and adopts the acceptance and tolerance of diverse and variant perspectives that differ across the globe. The demographic composition of India is more or less underdeveloped and hence does not provide an opportunity to access quality and effective academic ventures. The learning of foreign languages allows them admittance to reputed colleges that provide quality education at a subsidized and affordable cost. 

Institutions for the study of foreign languages 

The availability of scholarship revolving around the in-depth articulation and comprehension of foreign languages is dispensed by many revered institutions across the countries that are specifically known for their adoption and adaptation to a course that is very novel and crucial in India. Apart from this, individuals have a vast variety of options including international institutions that provide such courses on an online domain that are rigorous enough to compete with their offline partners. A compiled list of a few of the best courses in foreign languages across diverse stations has been mentioned below. 

They are as follows: -

Jawaharlal Nehru University

JNU is one of the most reputed and respected educational institutes in foreign languages. It provides students with ample opportunities to learn diverse languages and imbibe skills to communicate the same. The School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SLLCS) is one of the premier institutions in the nation for pursuing higher studies in linguistics and literature in various languages. The course is divided into four departments which provides the flexibility of choices to students – Centre of Arabic and African Studies, Centre for Japanese Studies, Centre for French and Francophone Studies, and Centre of Persian and Central Asian Studies. The SLLCS offers certificates, diplomas, and advanced courses and extends it to many more languages – Bahasa Indonesia, Mongolian, Portuguese, and Pushtu and Urdu languages. The course ranges from two to three years. Students are admitted on the basis of merit as well as interview and entrance exams. The tuition fee is subsidized and varies across the diverse body of students admitted to the institution. 

Banaras Hindu University 

A historical landmark, the Banaras Hindu University offers a wide range of courses and programs. The Faculty of Arts Department has the distinction of conducting teaching programs in seven different languages that are spoken across Asia and Europe. Students have the liberty to opt for a Certificate/ Diploma in all languages and pursue a full-time course in Russian and Chinese. The BHU Undergraduate Entrance Test (BHU UET) and Postgraduate Entrance Test (BHU PET) are the two examinations that are a necessary requirement that a student must take to fulfill the admission criteria. The course duration ranges from two to four years depending on the course one selects. The tuition fee is subsidized and differs across the capacity of diverse students through concession and several incentives. 

Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi

The institution of Jamia Millia Islamia offers courses and programs that are based on a diverse range of academic fields and interests. The institution offers foreign languages in degrees from Advanced Diploma to Research Programs. The courses on Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, and more are undertaken by the Centre of Spanish and Latin American Studies. Students can opt for Certificate courses as part-time courses which are offered in or can go full time which is a Diploma course. The time duration ranges from one to four years and the tuition fee are subsidized that entails variations across a diverse student body. 

Embassy Culture Centers in Delhi

Since New Delhi is the capital region, most of the embassies are situated here and they have their cultural centers which offer a variety of language courses along with a very friendly environment. These courses entail meticulous articulation and skill enhancement techniques that cater to the proficient and professional learning and scholarship of foreign languages. They support teaching materials, foreign language teacher training workshops, and exchange programs for students. They organize programs that are based on non-academic endeavors as well. Moreover, these organizations are also authorized examination centers for these proficiency tests. The prospective linguistics students can also avail themselves of a discount if they are already an existing student at the center concerned.  

Alliance Francaise De Delhi 

This institution offers a variety of French across different levels of discipleship. Moreover, there is an examination for the students to figure out their levels and select courses accordingly. In order to enhance and aggravate the improvement in learning, the casual interactions in this institution are also carried in French.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (online)

This institution offers a variety of foreign language courses such as Portuguese, Japanese, German, and much more, all on an online platform. The courses are divided into lessons and it narrows the focus on vocabulary, grammar, reading, and writing. Students can download assignments and study materials which include audio notes and practice the language through the free website. Moreover, external online links are provided to familiarize one with the culture of the specific language that has been pursued.


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