Best Online Courses to Advance Your Career

Online learning is transforming the way of building a career. Online learning is accessible, affordable, and allows you to choose the content that suits your needs. Spending few hours every week can boost your career. It is also better than facing the droning professor because the course is online. 

Some of the comprehensive programming, marketing or design course enables us to hone and develop new skills. Boosting key professional skills that can make you more employable in the current job market is necessary nowadays. So, there are some Best Online Courses to Advance Your Career.

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Google digital garage offers you several free online career courses, and the course on fundamentals of digital marketing includes a certification. In this training program, you will find 26 modules of self-paced video tutorials that will take you 40 hours to complete. By the end of the course, you have learned the basics of digital marketing principles to help you in boosting your own business or amplify your career.

Writing For the Web

This the best and the comprehensive course that teaches you the difference between writing for the web and writing for print. In addition to this, it also explores that how you can satisfy the needs of the online readers by using SEO structure, writing style, and web design. It is the best and great for the writer of all levels, and it consists of four lessons that you can finish in 16 hours.

Academic and Business Writing

This course is offered at the University of California Berkeley, but now this course is also online. It is an intermediate-level program covering professional writing in a wide range of disciplines, including social sciences, literature, and technology. There are a total of five lessons, and the course takes 20 to 30 hours to complete.

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Computer Science Harvard University

It is an entry-level course that teaches students how to think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently. By the end of the course, you will become familiar with several languages, including CSS, HTML, and PHP. The course is free, but if you want a certificate, then you have to pay $90. It is one of the best courses for advancing your career.

Financial Markets

This the best course that you can consider for advancing your career. Financial markets provide you an overview of ideas, methods, and institutions that permit human society to manage risks and foster enterprise.

The course commonly focuses on teaching students the skills they will need to be financially savvy leaders. You will earn the shareable certificates on the completion of the course.

Business Analytics Course

This three-month-long short-term course is especially for analytics aspirants. This course includes more than 100 hours of training with 3+ case studies and projects. The top skills that you will learn in this course include statistics and optimization, predictive modeling, machine learning, and business problem solving, among other things. The best part of this course is that students get one-on-one mentorship and feedback from the certified trainers and instructors. Furthermore, they get to work on the various workshops for the hands-on experience.

This course is considered the best short-term course that is available for business analytics. After this short-term course, you will be qualified to apply for roles that include business analyst, data analyst, and some other managerial positions in the analytics domain.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a valuable skill set in today's job market. Machine learning is the science of getting computers to act without being explicitly program. Coursera is a free training course called machine learning that the Stanford University offers, and this course is taught by Andrew Ng, an adjunct professor at Stanford. A certificate is also provided for free after the completion of the course.

Algorithms Specialization Course by Stanford University

This algorithms course is a MOOC offered by the Stanford University. Understanding the basics of algorithms and related data structures is important for doing serious work in almost any branch of computer science. Therefore, Stanford offers a mandated version of this course in every degree program, including bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D.

This course introduces learners to the algorithms and focuses on concept-based understanding instead of delving into mathematical details and low-level implementation straight away. This course helps to develop the programming and thinking skills of the participants, so they are well-positioned to pursue serious software engineering, ace technical interviews, and study more advanced topic in algorithms. There are four courses in this program.

Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel

This course will teach you the basics of excel that is one of the most popular data analysis tools. At the end of the course, you will visualize and gain insight from your data.

Excel is considered the most desired software skill in today's world. So, no matter whets your attitude towards charts and tables because it should be on your resume.

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