7 Brilliant Scholarships for All Types of Undergraduate Students

Students pursue undergraduate degrees across different fields of specialization. Scholarships, grants and other academic aids are crucial resources that ensure students meet their ends. These financial aids need to include diverse aspects that facilitate the needs of the students. It is an established observation that financial and social constraints usually hinder students from pursuing their dream courses that ensure them a bright and successful future. Most of them are academically brilliant and it’s a matter of shame that the lack of proper assistance obstructs their path to success. Moreover, there is a general grievance among students that suggests that there is a lack of scholarships that are offered at an undergraduate level. In such a context, it is very crucial and necessary to deliver help and assistance to students to find schemes that complement their courses and support them in order to ensure them their dream course and college.

Variants of scholarships

Several organizations, government agencies, social workers and corporates work together to formulate efficient scholarships to make sure those students can attend colleges. Aids can be majorly bifurcated into loans and grants. We often tend to dismiss the features that distinguish these two variants. Loans are financial assistance provided by banks or institutions and grants are financial aids that are awarded by a large public body. Scholarships can also range across different levels such as national and international levels.

Scholarship for undergraduate programs 

 Numerous scholarships complement a diverse range of undergraduate programs undertaken by various students. A degree of research and in-depth understanding of these schemes can allow students to choose the best-suited scholarships. However, with a hectic schedule that students often go through, this task may seem like an extra burden that requires ample time and effort. In order to reduce this burden, this article provides a compiled list of scholarships that would aid students to select their preferred schemes.

They are as follows:

  1. G. P Birla Scholarship

This scholarship is meant for scholastic students who are exceptional in their fields of scholarly interests. This scholarship applies to the students of West Bengal who intend to pursue a career in the streams of Arts, Science, Commerce, Architecture, Engineering and Medicine. The scholarship awards up to INR 50,000 and entails extra benefits. 

  1. Sitaram Jindal Foundation Scholarship Scheme

The Sitaram Jindal Foundation provides a diverse range of scholarships to aid students placed at different educational levels. The eligibility criteria for this scholarship are that students must acquire at least 60% marks for boys and 55 % for girls in the qualifying examination. For the students of West Bengal or Karnataka who are applying, the percentage criteria for boys and girls are 70% and 65% (for Karnataka) and 65% and 60% (for West Bengal) respectively. It awards undergraduate scholarships for students that calculates to be INR 1,000 per month.

  1. Raman Kant Munjal Scholarship 

This scholarship is an initiative of the Hero group which is meant to support the education of exceptional students who need financial support to pursue vocational and higher education. The applicant should be above 19 years of age and should score at least 65% in the class 12th examination. Moreover, the income of the family should be less than INR 6 Lakhs per year. The scholarship awards up to INR 27,000 per annum for 3 years. 

  1. The Rhodes Scholarship for India, University of Oxford

One of the most revered institutions in the United Kingdom, the University of Oxford offers the Rhodes Scholarship to Indian students who wish to pursue higher education in the country. This scholarship is funded by the Rhodes Trust to aid graduates or students in the final year of graduation to pursue postgraduation studies. This scholarship covers the entire tuition fee along with other benefits. 

  1. Deakin University Merit Scholarship, Australia 

This scholarship is extremely popular among Indian students who intend to pursue their education in Australia and aims to encourage students with excellent academic achievements. It is applicable for both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The eligibility requirement for the undergraduate scholarship is that the students must pass the class 12 examination with at least 65% marks. Having an overall score of 6.0 in IELTS is also mandatory for this scholarship.

  1. Trinity College Dublin Scholarship, Ireland

Trinity college is known for its academic proficiency across the world. Comes with its reputation is a degree of competition that the institution radiates. The institution offers a scholarship for several undergraduate and postgraduate programs that vary in terms of different academic fields. 

  1. Japanese Government (MEXT)Scholarships for Undergraduate Students

The Ministry of Education, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) along with the Government of Japan is offering undergraduate scholarships for students who wish to pursue an undergraduate degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, and Natural Science at a University in Japan. It provides a monthly allowance of JPY 117,000 which calculates to be INR 78,025 and other benefits like traveling expenses, supplemental regional allowance, transportation allowance and much more.

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