Common Challenges Facing Online Learners

In the middle of the spring semester, all the students worldwide had to suddenly pack up their belongings and finish their courses away from their schools, colleges, and universities. The Coronavirus pandemic forced all the students to move to online learning. Some of the institutes have announced that they will conduct only online classes through the fall semester.

This crisis has transformed many aspects of life, especially education. Many students felt distance learning is worse than in-person classes. Here are some of the Common Challenges Facing Online Learners, along with particular tips on how to overcome them.

Lack of Motivation:

Most of the students start losing hope once they find difficulty in online learning. It is one of the most Common Challenges Facing Online Learners. The reason is that online learning needs motivation to complete the tasks, stay engaged and make progress. When you are not surrounded by your class-fellows and instructions in a physical setting, it may be tempting to procrastinate. Many online learners may start completely engaged and then find out that their motivation wanes. 

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In addition to creating a schedule and finding a productive workplace, it can help to focus on the ultimate goal. It also helps to keep your reason for pursuing your degree at the top of your mind. It is very important to stick to the study plan for effective learning. Try to keep in touch with your classmates and teachers for asking and sharing information. Stay positive towards online learning and prospectively use the time and earn the knowledge for better learning outcomes.

Lack of Getting Feedback:

During the learning process, every student needs feedback for their performance. For instance, this will help them to improve their learning abilities. They are checked during the tests or exams and for every assignment and project they made.

Most of the research shows that the students hardly visit their assignments to check their suggestions and comments. In the list of Common Challenges Facing Online Learners, this is also one of them. The feedback model concerning online will be very hard for them to understand and then implement.

To overcome this challenge, you can approach your teachers for feedback related to your overall performance. Teachers can provide you personalized guidance for improvement and find out your weaknesses as well as strengths. You can improve your online learning pattern based on feedback. 

Technical Issues:

Not every student is well equipped with high internet connections that are essential for online learning. Unfortunately, technical issues are bound to happen during online learning.

As an online student, it is obvious to access class wherever you have a connected device, but a strong internet connection is very important; low bandwidth and weak internet signals can affect how quickly you can connect and participate in class. Students face technical issues as they are not well aware of technology and computer applications.

There is a possibility of bad connectivity of internet connection if you face some difficulty in downloading information related to the subject, blurred videos, etc. In the list of Common Challenges Facing Online Learners, this is also included. To overcome this, you only require finding a high-speed internet connection at your study spot. It is also very important to know where you can get technical support for your internet connections and other technical issues.

Lack of Communication:

Students' lack of effective communication skills during online learning is also one of the most Common Challenges Facing Online Learners. Teachers give various assignments to improve reading and writing skills.

Still, there is a possibility that they might not be able to write so convincingly that educators understand the concept behind their assignments. Many students feel shy to communicate with their teachers and their friends due to the new learning model. 

You can overcome this challenge by getting aware of the importance of communication for better learning. Online learning provides you a great platform for communication and interaction with others.

Loss of Social Aspects:

The final spot in our list of Common Challenges Facing Online Learners goes to the loss of many social aspects with the online platform. Within the setups of many degree programs, there are certainly several opportunities given in social relationships with classmates. It can be through classroom activity or even social forums set outside of the online classroom. All of this is outstanding but still not the same as physical in-person relations. 

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Sometimes, the online world, no matter how upgrading it may be, can become very small. In addition to this, you need a physical space to find out the solution to your queries. The solution to this is to encourage personal relationships within the online world as much as possible. You can also arrange webinars, group work, or forums where you can discuss and solve your queries.


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Final words:

These Common Challenges Facing Online Learners are only a few. The unexpected switch to online classes has caused anxiety and raised many questions among students about their academic futures.

It is very easy to be concerned about your future education during this difficult time, but it is also very important to remember that you are not alone.

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