6 Fantastic Courses for Your Pets (Dogs and Cats)

Pet parents, are you having a hard time training your pet? Is it difficult to train them without assistance? Do you feel overwhelmed trying to navigate their needs and emotions? The pandemic has thrown many difficult situations at us and tested us. We turn to our furry family in times of our needs. It is time we show the same unwavering compassion to them as well. Here are a few courses that will help you better understand and help your pets. 

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

This course is offered on Coursera by The University of Edinburgh. It is a 16-hour course spanning over 5 weeks and is taught by 4 instructors. The first week of classes will give you an insight into the behaviour of cats and dogs. You will be able to better understand what their behaviours and movements mean. In the second week, you learn the scientific and objective study of animal behaviour. By the third week, we will look at the methods of communication used by our pets to communicate with us. In the fourth week, we take a look at the domestic environment of pets, how to help them adjust well, and recognition of signs of fear, frustration, and anxiety. Finally, in the fifth week, we look at the changes that can be made to accommodate them better. 

Dog & Cat First Aid, Care & Maintenance

This course is offered by Universal Class. It is a course with 12 lessons on various aspects of pet care from their food, basic needs, and hygiene to tackling small diseases and general first aid for pets. It has video lessons and a test after each lesson. There are 14 exams and assignments throughout the course. It is a paid course that costs $50 without certification and $75 with certification. 

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Dog Emotion and Cognition 

This course introduces us to the fascinating world of animal psychology which helps us better understand our pets and learn how they think and feel about us. It is available on Coursera and it takes approximately 22 hours to complete this course and it spans over 8 weeks. It is taught by Associate Professor Brian Hare. The first week is an overview lecture that gives the course information and introduces us to dog psychology. In the second week, we discuss the perplexing evolution of dogs and humans from the worst enemy to best friends. The third week gives us an insight into the minds of our favourite companions that have been studied with the help of experiments and cognitive studies. The fourth week of this course helps us truly understand how amazing our dogs are. We take a look at their communication skills and cognitive evolution. In the fifth week, we look at other species of animals who belong to the same genus like wolves and compare them with our domesticated pets. The sixth week helps us figure out the capabilities of our dogs. The seventh week focuses on debunking myths, especially about aggressive dogs. The eighth and final week is just a one-hour final exam. 

Grooming Animals

Grooming animals is an online course made available by ASC Distance Education. It is a paid course of about 100 hours. It is a more professional course than needed for regular home care of animals. However, in case you love giving your pets baths and haircuts and want to make it your job, this might be the perfect course for you. It teaches you all about grooming for different kinds of animals and makes us understand the biology of it too which helps provide the best possible care for our furry friends. 

Cat Care

This course is also provided by ASC Distance Education. It focuses primarily on cats, their body structures, grooming, and their behaviour. It also has a section on how to pick out a cat that is best suited for you. It can be taken by amateurs and professionals. Keep in mind that it is a paid course but if done with the right mindset, it can be transformed from a hobby into a profession.

Animal Behaviour and Welfare

The course is available on Coursera by The University of Edinburgh. It is a 10-hour course which spans over 7 weeks. It is taught by 5 professors and is not limited to just dogs and cats. It looks at the behaviour and welfare of both domestic and wild animals. We peek into the challenges of studying animal behaviour and the difficulty faced in accessing animal emotions. 

These are some courses that all animal lovers can try to do as an attempt to better understand the minds of our pets. Pets need love and care just as much as children do. If we are willing to put so much effort into learning how to parent babies, it is worth a shot to learn how to navigate the behaviours and emotions of your pets as well. 


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