6 Best Free Courses to Study Graphic Design Online

Graphic Design, is one of the up-and-coming after forms of creative work that has the opportunity to expand employment potentials, and to add a lucrative skill to one’s resume. Design work has always been at the core of most ways of information circulation be it pages in newspapers or magazines. The current landscape has been characterized by a move towards digitalization of all forms of social life and entertainment, a variety of online newsletters, zines, and others, this move towards a digital realm has greatly increased the importance of graphic design, technical efficiency and creativity manifest in a curious combination in Graphic design ventures making it a sought after course, graphic designing skills also hold importance for they are fast becoming the need of every company, and the demand for graphic designers is on an uphill climb, this article thus lists out the best free courses to study graphic design online:

Best Free Courses to Study Graphic Design Online

The following is a compiled list of the best free graphic design courses available to help interested learners and aspirational designers as well as other creatively interested people brush up on and develop the basic foundations required for graphic design such as typography, color, essential graphic design software, and more.

Alison Online

Alison offers under it, several free graphic design courses which offer those interested to choose a course that suits their skill level, be it beginners looking to initiate themselves into the world of graphic design or experts looking to build upon their skills. Thus Alison Online has courses, such as Visual and Graphic skills that provides familiarity with the basic design terms and principles while on the other end of the spectrum are courses such as the design principles that allow students to test out their theoretical knowledge through application and hone their understanding using case studies and practice exercises. Notably, Alison Online offers a course on Photoshop essential tools that teach more specific techniques of using graphic design tools and software.

Introduction to Graphic Design by Udemy

Introduction to Graphic design is a great starting point for beginners for it gives extensive information on the processes of design, basic design elements as well as core principles and adopting an outside view to assess how the work appears to larger audiences. The primary aim of this course is to acquaint learners with features that make a design good. Udemy also allows learners to progress on their platform for once students are through the introductory course they can improve and get specific expertise from other graphic design courses.

Teach Yourself Graphic Design: A Self-Study Course

Written by Sean Hodge, teach yourself Graphic design does not use a video interface but rather a comprehensively articulated article that is divided into sub-themes each dealing in detail with a particular topic, for instance, design principles, history of design, putting together a design portfolio and so on. Each section apart from theoretical information are also adding a list of resources students can turn to per their area of interest such as design books, educational blogs, job boards for finding commercial avenues to display their work.

Canva Design School

Canva Design School is a forum that provides a holistic approach to learning graphic design through lessons, tutorials, resources, and relevant articles. A notable feather under their cap has been their graphic design course titled “Creativity” which subsumes under it seven lessons each focusing on different tangential yet important themes such as grabbing attention with designs and maintaining one’s distinctive style and vision. Canva also offers another graphic design course “How to Build a Brand” which includes information on how to build a logo, choosing color and type palettes, and create brand-suited graphics.


CreativeLive is a wonderful forum that offers a range of online courses that are aimed towards designers and artists. Although the full courses typically aren’t always free Creative Live does however provide several free video lessons that help one learn graphic designing. For example, one of their courses is related to book cover designs specifically speaking of colors and their relationships in making a successful Book Cover.

Fundamentals of Creative Design from Cal Arts

A beginner-level course, fundamentals of creative design is offered through the California Institute of Arts on Coursera. The California Institute of Arts has a wide extensive list of courses it provides with five different free graphic design courses under the broader design specialization itself. The Fundamentals of Creative Design covers the introductory basics introducing to the learner’s themes of typography, image-making, to even information on shape, color, and composition.  Additionally, what has also been a characteristic feature is the range of methodologies used to impart the knowledge such as slideshows, video lessons, readings, and practice exercises.

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