Top 10 Free Online Digital Marketing Courses

Digital marketing is simply the marketing of products and services by adopting online marketing tactics such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing. It can be categorized into seven broad aspects that include Pay-per-Click, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, and Marketing Analytics which together can make up the broad field of digital marketing. Digital marketing delivers advertising through various digital channels. A successful digital marketer will possess a broad range of skills designed to connect with, and have a strong positive influence on customers who want to know more about a given product or service. The ultimate aim is to increase the graph of sales for a business, and digital marketing proves its efficiency in this context.

Prospects of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing skills are in huge demand. The development of the Internet has created opportunities for companies to expand their business influence into the world of cyber-space. Digital Marketing is a consistently expanding career field choice that has a lot of potential in the economic future. Digital marketing training can be pursued as an e-course online or by hands-on training working under the direction of a trainer who has demonstrated successful digital marketing experience. Moreover, with the current situation of COVID-19, our lives have more or less adapted to and depended on the online medium in a very unpredictable sense. In this sense, the majority of people depend on online modes for their daily lives and avail of routine services. 

Digital Marketing Courses

Keeping in mind the quality prospects of digital marketing and the great demand which calls for the same, there are numerous online courses, some of which are free of cost, that facilitate the advocation of the skills required to successfully utilize digital marketing. Since there exists a sea of options on the internet and one might get confused and often lured into scams, this article has compiled a list of the top 10 free online digital marketing courses.

They are as follows: 

  1. Google Digital Marketing Course 

This course offers free courses on several subjects related to career or business development. The topic covers a wide range of interests such as online business, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing and much more. These courses are inclusive of both video and text materials and some can be completed in 3 hours while others can take up to 40 hours. The digital marketing fundamentals certification will be provided by the Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University.

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  1. Inbound Marketing Free Certification Course 

This course is offered by the Hubspot Academy. It is a four-hour industry-recognized program meant for digital marketers. This wide-ranging curriculum consists of several lessons, videos and quizzes and is designed for beginners. It covers a wide range of topics such as inbound strategy, long-term content strategy, leads nurturing, and much more. As students complete the course, they are awarded the official certification from HubSpot to display on their LinkedIn profile, portfolio, resume, or CV.

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  1. SEMRUSH Academy 

With an objective to serve their users and audience better, SEMRUSH has created an academy with many free digital marketing courses. Their course covers both basic and advanced concepts and all digital marketing disciplines such as SEO, Content Marketing, PPC, Affiliate Marketing and Social Media Marketing. The course is available in English and Spanish. The course material is inclusive of video and text and all courses are taught by reputable digital marketing professionals. One can register for free and receive certification upon completion. 

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  1. Digital Marketing Strategy 

This course is offered by the University of Edinburgh which is designed to teach users a general understanding of digital marketing at the strategic level as it relates to business. The syllabus is comprehensive. The student can complete the course in about eight weeks by engaging in the training for four to six hours a week. The course is audited which allows you to view and read all the content. 

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  1. Digital Strategy and Action

This course is offered by Babson College through edX. It introduces the marketers to the common digital strategies adopted by big businesses like Amazon, Facebook, Netflix and Google that allow them to earn revenue in billions and grow rapidly. As the course features inspiring in-depth case studies, including stories about Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings as well as tons of tips, tricks, and advice, it prepares one for facing the potential obstructions that would lie on the path to a successful digital marketing career. 

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  1. Digital Media and Marketing Strategies

This course is offered by the University of Illinois through Coursera. The offered program is course five which is further divided into seven specialized compartmentalization in Digital Marketing. The audit mode is available for free or can be availed at a price. The course is 15 hours long which teaches the optimization of digital access, the basis of online and video marketing, and the basics of email and social media marketing. 

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  1. Internet Marketing for Smart People

This course is constructed by a copy blogger who has been delivering advice on digital marketing for 16 years. The free online digital marketing course is made up of 20 modules and one can receive eBook bonuses and access to tons of resources on the usage of the written word to persuade and influence your audience.

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  1. Optinmonster Digital Marketing Training

Optinmonster which is an efficient medium to increase website conversions offers a variety of free courses revolving around email marketing and conversion optimization. One is also trained in managing traffic to a website. The course is of easy flow and suitable for both beginners and advanced users. The candidate can register for the program for free. 

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  1. ClickMinded Digital Marketing Course 

This company has worked for companies like Airbnb and Paypal and is now set to offer several courses covering various marketing channel and digital marketing courses that includes everything that you need to know to be a digital marketing specialist. These include content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, Google analytics, sales funnels and much more. The course is taught by professionals who work in big organizations and hence can extend their familiarity with working skills and environment. 

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  1. The Beginners Guide to Online Marketing 

Quicksprout University offers this course along with excellent resources that would assist one to know all there is to be successful. The platform provides excess information regarding the internet and online marketing. This program is part course, part e-book and contains 13 guides to help you master every aspect of digital marketing. This course offers a great degree of flexibility in terms of pace and selection of initial points.

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