How to Complete Class 12 Accountancy Syllabus on Time

Accountancy is the most preferred and easiest subject in class 12th commerce stream together with business studies, maths and economics. Also, the accountancy subject is loved by most commerce students. But at the same time, some students find it a challenging task to study the class 12 accountancy syllabus, as it completely involves practical knowledge.

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Since , it is the practical subject commerce students need to complete accounts syllabus on time for consistency and perfection. Hence, to succeed in exams with proper understanding and time management grab the opportunities available at VSI Jaipur institute.

Moreover, accountancy is a practical subject where students can score marks for every step while solving questions. So, scoring in accountancy is the plus point for your CBSE class 12th results, as it is easy to score 90+ in this subject.

In any case, this would be only feasible if you begin your learning from today onwards. Together with the proper study plan and correct study material for finishing the CBSE accountancy syllabus class 12 NCERT before board exams.

Ideally, we have seen the students scoring more than 90+ in CBSE class 12th accountancy syllabus. For example, Rohan Tiwari and Pulkit Agarwal, VSI Jaipur students, scored more than 90+ in the CBSE CBSE 12 accountancy syllabus exam.

Here, in this blog, you will learn about the complete outline of the class 12 accountancy syllabus. And how to make the strategy of studying accountancy with VSI Jaipur. Among all the institutes in the Pink city of Rajasthan, VSI Jaipur is the leading and eminent institute for the students of commerce line.

Outline of CBSE 12th accountancy Syllabus

Up to the present time is a brief of the revised 12th class accountancy syllabus with marks. Also, this would help you to plan your studies accordingly.




Part A: Accounting for Partnership Firms and Companies





Unit 1

Financial Statements of Not-for-Profit Organizations



Unit 2

Accounting for Partnership Firms


Unit 3

Accounting For Companies



Part B: Financial Statement Analysis




Unit 4

Analysis of Financial Statements


Unit 5

Cash Flow Statement




Project Work and Viva






VSI Jaipur: Study CBSE Class 12 accountancy Syllabus

VSI Jaipur provides you with the latest and updated syllabus of class 12 accountancy subject, in the first place. Notably, all the pdf files of all the study materials including the sample papers, model test papers and previous years question papers.

However, the downloading link of the revised syllabus of CBSE class 12 accountancy subject is here:

Moreover, the important strategy of preparing for the accountancy subject is to solve the practical part questions more rather than the theory part. But the students also face difficulty in answering the practical questions instead of theory one.

In case, if you have the same problem of facing issues in the practical part, then you must be lagging somewhere while understanding and studying.  Therefore,  the very first thing is to visit the official website and join VSI Jaipur, where you get all the study tips and hacks for a clear understanding of what are accounting principles and how to treat accounts in the balance sheet.

However, the VSI Jaipur is the famed and prominent institute in the capital region of Rajasthan or India together with the best learning motivation and experience in your career and studies. Even more, VSI Jaipur also provides you with the best studying tip for your class 12 accountancy syllabus with proper utilization of time.

Plan your Study for CBSE 12 accountancy Syllabus

After all, to plan your studies in the proper manner without wasting time with full of potential and efficiency Here are some tips to study the accountancy syllabus with timely completion of the subject.

  1. The first thing student should need to do is select the topics in which they need more concentration and start practicing for them. Although the easiest part of the syllabus can be done later on.

  2. Another important thing is to allocate the time for each subject, as there are 5 subjects in class 12th. The students should need to manage time as per their preferences and capabilities. However, accountancy is considered difficult as compared to business studies, economics, etc. But this doesn’t mean that you keep it for the last months of examination.

  3. Simultaneously, the revision part is also essential for better results. And, if the students do not revise the course regularly then the whole month's preparations will go wasted.

  4. In addition, for more perfection in the class 12 accountancy syllabus. The students should need to visit the official website of VSI Jaipur for extra study material and to know about the exam patterns.

CBSE has Deleted some Topics of Class 12th accountancy Syllabus

Recently, due to the pandemic of COVID 19 CBSE has deleted 30% part of the 12th class accountancy syllabus.



Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations, Partnership Firms and Companies


Unit 2

Accounting for Partnership Firms


Accounting for Partnership firms – Reconstitution and Dissolution

1. Admission of a partner

adjustment of capital accounts and preparation of balance sheet 2.Retirement and death of a partner adjustment of capital accounts.

Preparation of the loan account of the retiring partner

3. Preparation of deceased partner’s capital account and his executor’s account


Unit 3

Accounting for Companies


  1. Accounting for Debentures

  2. Redemption of debentures-Methods: Lump sum, the draw of lots.


Part B

Financial Statement Analysis

Chapter 3 of Accountancy Book 2

Above all,  from this year  2020-2021, only one project needs to be prepared by students instead of three projects.

Final Analysis of the Blog

As shown above in the article, it is understandable that for efficient and effective learning of class 12 accountancy syllabus Students need experienced mentors. Even for timely completion and in the easiest way of solving practicals. And for this reason, Joining VSI Jaipur is one of the best decisions for the students.

Moreover, VSI Jaipur is the elite and superior institute for all the students of the commerce field. After all, it is also famous for its professional courses like  CA, CS and CMA. Also, if you are planning to pursue these courses for your career. Then choose VSI Jaipur institute of the capital city of Rajasthan.

Above all, VSI Jaipur is in the middle of the Jaipur, Pink city areas like Shastri nagar, near Durgapura bus stand, Vidyadhar nagar and Vaishali nagar.

To contact VSI Jaipur make a phone call on 935-146-8666, 9358900498.

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