How to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT?

Studying is very important and plays a vital role in our life. But sometimes it is very hard to study, and students ask how to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Two evils conspire to make the revision time very difficult.

The first is the stress of approaching exams and the huge number of courses to learn in a very short time. The second is boredom. It is the feeling of oppression that with the knowledge that the next few weeks will be consumed completely with studying. Don't be panic; in this article, we will give you some tips to start studying a course when you don't feel like it.

Create an Environment for Study:

It is one of the greatest ways to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Select any of your favorite locations specifically use when studying. Organize everything you require for study, including the study table, notes, textbooks, and writing gadgets. Being well organized is essential for getting yourself to study when you don't feel like it. It is one of the most important parts of your study routine. You will get up every day knowing that you will sit in your study environment and study efficiently.

Teach your Fellows:

It is also another great way to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Divide the subjects into groups of two, three, or four, and then break every subject into parts. You and your friends go off and learn the topic of their desire subject thoroughly. It will help you to understand every part of the subject efficiently.

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The teacher could prepare a slide show and a handout, explain how to answer prior paper questions, and ask the other group members to work through some questions together. This revision method works remarkably. The reason behind this is, first, it is active, forcing pushing you to confront problems instead of skipping over them.

Furthermore, it also transforms information into a form someone else will understand. The other reason is that it is fun and social to revise your course in this way. You can give a break from the solitary confines of your spot in the library. This way of the revision can be adjusted to suit almost any subject.

Make your Study Fun and Entertaining:

Studying can be boring most of the time. If you are studying your course even, you don't feel like it is even more boring. Use colorful pens, highlighters, gel pens, and use your calligraphy skills. Of course, it might also take some time to bust out these skills. Draw some relevant pictures of your course to get information.

Make some jokes based on the notes you are reading and make up some mnemonics for the hard stuff. Hence, this can be very helpful in figuring out what to do when you don't feel like studying.

You can also add some excitement to your study time. You can purchase some of your favorite snacks and drinks to refresh yourself during your studies. It will also help your brain to link studying and excitement as almost the same thing.

Make a Study Routine:

Humans are creatures of habit; they need routine in their lives. If it is a challenge for you to get motivated to study, you can put this principle to work for you. It is a very easy way to be more efficient if you make a study routine for yourself. Set out the particular time for your study.

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Make a decision, what you will do before and after studying. It might take some time to stick this routine to your life, but being consistent will help you get into a routine. Very soon, you will be carrying out your routine on autopilot. Study becomes very easy when you don't have to fight yourself into it every single day. Creating a routine helps you to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.


It isn't easy to study when your mind is cluttered. For instance, close your eyes for few minutes and take a deep breath and explore your mind. Why do you not feel like studying? You might get the answer within your mind. There might be something bothering you that require fixing. Use the meditation guide to go deep within and find out why you are having trouble studying.

Understand The Topic:

It is one of the very effective ways to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT. Don't just memorize the topic but also understand it. In some conditions, rote memorization may be necessary, but generally, the more years you spend in school. The more you will expect to understand relationships and connections between various concepts.

It will need you to apply principles to providing facts or to figure out conclusions from the given set of facts. Understanding the topic is far more effective than memorizing it. So, this approach to studying is not only more effective, but it will also keep you motivated.

After reading the article, we are sure you will answer your question, How to STUDY a course When You DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.


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