List of Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses

Short-term job-oriented courses help you get some extra degrees and knowledge that help you achieve a better career. A short-term course with a high salary will give you an edge and a chance to get a better job. In short-term oriented courses, you get to choose what you want to learn and provide you the latest skills. 

In addition to this, you will also get to learn a whole lot more about the industry you take an interest in with the help of short-term courses. These courses will help you in getting a high-paying job. So, there is the List of Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses. 

Product Management Course

The demand for product managers has increased and is still increasing in the past few years. Most Companies are hiring product managers to ensure the success of their launches and maintain steady growth. 

So in this there the five-month-long short-term course that Grad offers includes more than 160 hours of learning and training. But the best thing about this course is that you can learn at your preferred pace and convenience. After completing the full course, you will also get the certification. All these types of courses help you reap a good ROI. 

Event Management Course

The events industry is one of the largest growing industries in the world. If you are interested and want to join the entertainment business, this is the ideal and best field. Taking up a short course in event management can land you into the showbiz world quite easily. It would help if you had good organizing and presentation skills, were street smart, and were good at networking with people. In this course, you have to become a person who is willing to work under difficult conditions, along with good verbal and written communication skills. 

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This course is quite profitable if you have a knack for organizing events. The course duration is one year, and the topics covered are event and budget planning, logistic, advertising, branding and brand promotion, and public relations. 

Diploma in Photography

The short-term course in photography is the most sort after field students opt for today. Furthermore, with splendid opportunities in the creative fields today, this career is lucrative. The duration of the photography course is for one year. 

You can get a job at studios agencies and companies. You may choose to work on a part-time or freelance basis or assist senior photographers too.

Advertising and Marketing Course

It is one of the best lucrative job-oriented short-term courses in advertising and marketing. The media industry is growing globally at a tremendous pace, and if surveys are to be believed. In addition to this, there is also a shortage of skilled and the need to cope with the fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle. 

After completing this course, you can get jobs in digital media companies, the advertising and communication department of private companies, film production, and advertising agencies. Furthermore, with good networking skills, by doing this course you can also work as a freelancer.

Business Analytics Course

This three-month-long short-term course is especially for analytics aspirants. The business analytics course includes more than 100 hours of training with 3+ case studies and projects. Some of the best skills that you will learn in this course include statistics and optimization, predictive modeling, machine learning, and business problem solving, among other things.

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The best part of this course is that students get one-on-one mentorship and feedback from the certified trainers and instructors. This course is considered the best course that is available for business analytics. After this short-term course, you will be qualified to apply for roles that include business analyst, data analyst, and some other managerial positions in the analytics domain.

 Hotel Management Course

In present years the hospitality industry has grown. The multidimensional chances to explore the demand for the professionals in this industry have made it a relevant job-oriented short-term course. 

There are multiple job opportunities available abroad. This course in hotel management will prepare you for entry-level work opportunities in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, catering companies, and all establishments that offer you food service, accommodation, and other customer service-related jobs. The duration of this course is one year.

Financial Planner Course

This course is the best and most renowned and respected global certification in the world. These are the best courses that are available related to finance. This course is specially designed for applicants who demonstrate their commitment and competence in ethical financial planning practice. You can get the financial course in almost all the countries. 

The period of this course is around six weeks. In these weeks, you will learn about the various planning methodologies such as financial planning, insurance planning, retirement planning, etc.

Above, we have given the List of Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses. These are the best short-term job-oriented courses. So, you can find the short-term job-oriented courses of your choice here. 


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