Top 6 Most Popular Scholarships for Women

The notions of sexism and misogyny that more or less define the social structure of every society obstruct the path to success for women. The bias and discrimination that originates from such notions make sure, to the best of its capacity that women are side-lined and excluded from the mainstream resources that ensure them a bright future. One of the crucial resources is education that should be accessible to all irrespective of one’s gender and sex. In such circumstances, it is extremely difficult to find resources that aid women economically and socially.

Changes brought about overtime

The contemporary period has witnessed a powerful flow of social change that adapted to the modern context through a series of historical efforts and movements. Among these efforts and movements, the most prominent and crucial was the fight for the right to education. With these changes came the narrowing of focus on the easy accessibility of education to women which have been manifested by many revered institutions across the world which do not construct any biases based on an individual’s race, gender, age and ethnicity and hence respects and acknowledges intersectionality.

Range of scholarships available for women

Numerous institutions along with government and social work bodies have formulated a diverse range of scholarships that would assist women to access education without any need for them to dwell on any kind of financial, social and economic conditions. Such ten scholarships have been compiled within this article which provides a range of choices for women to go through and select the perfect scholarship for themselves.

They are as follows:

Jeanette Rankin Women’s Scholarship

This scholarship is made available to freshmen through college seniors. It should be taken into account that the amount which is awarded varies on multiple grounds. This availability of the scholarship is based on age specificities – a female of age 35 years or older, as well as one, should have a low economic and income background. The scholarship offers assistance to students who are pursuing their academic professions in the domain of technology, vocational, associate’s, or bachelor’s degree at a regionally accredited school.  

The ASME Foundation Hanley Scholarship

The woman who can get the ASME Foundation Hanley Scholarship must be a female sophomore, junior, and senior students. Especially, you have to demonstrate financial need, scholastic ability, and potential contribution to the mechanical engineering profession just that you are eligible for this award. Remember the deadline of this scholarship will be 2/18/21 with the award amount of $2,500 and apply for college sophomores through seniors.

Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars Program

You will get this scholarship if you are a resident of Michigan, Ohio, Missouri, Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Dakota, so you will be eligible for this award. Besides, The Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars Program just applies to female high school sophomores and juniors, interested in attending a pre-college summer program. Of course, to achieve this scholarship, you need to demonstrate the academic and extracurricular potential, you must attend an academically rigorous where highly selective college or university. Note that the expiration of Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars Program on 3/1/2,  High School Sophomores to High School Juniors is the people can get the available award, the award amount will be from $1,000 -to $6,600.

Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarship

This scholarship offers a one-time scholarship amount of USD 10,000 along with a one-year Creative Cloud subscription membership, an Adobe Research mentor and an internship to female students who are enrolled in an undergraduate or a master’s program in the field of computers and related technological subjects. Applicants must include their resume along with their academic records, references and essays. The candidate can also upload a 60-second video describing a dream career with their scholarship application. However, this is optional. The candidate must be a full-time undergraduate or master’s student in the current academic year majoring in the mentioned fields and have an excellent academic background. Moreover, one must not have any prior relation of any form with Adobe Research. One can apply online between September and November.

Women and Leadership Program, Panama City

The women and leadership program of Panama City is open to global female citizens from diverse regions who are interested in participating in a four-week program in Panama City. This program provides a range of university courses, cultural activities and community service. The evaluative basis of prospective students is grounded in the quality of the application and the interviews that are conducted on further grounds.   

National Scholarship – Darlene Hajduk Friendship Scholarship

The scholarship offers grants to cover education in academic institutions and assist the scholarship recipient. This scholarship is non-renewable and the funds are meant to be used for tuition, books and fees only. The unused funds would be returned and submitted to SBMEF. It is granted to female freshmen students who are studying in the domain of business at an academic institution situated in Texas.  

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