Top Online Courses for Engineering Skills

The discipline of engineering has a diverse range of specializations that often include elements complimenting the major an individual pursues. Moreover, all branches of engineering give students ample opportunities to explore what they are passionate about. The importance of engineering is not something that has recently come into existence. In fact, with the increased emphasis on development and developmental technology in the physical world for ameliorated functioning, this importance has reasserted itself to a great degree. Some of the top engineering branches that more or less ensure a bright future for the students are Computer Science Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electric and Electronics Engineering and Biotech Engineering. 

The Dilemmas which entail from the Conventional Degrees of Engineering

The conventional engineering courses are extremely heavy and competitive. The competitive nature of this course is very evident, especially in our country where development is prioritized and science is manifested. Students tend to have a broad sense of what they define as their interests. At another level, many are clueless about what they want to take up and are left in a void of uncertainty. In such circumstances, a complimenting course of engineering can help provide an insight into what they prefer and also enhance the academic and critical content of one’s majoring course. 

The Variants of Assistances that Render from an Online Medium of Academic Endeavour

An online forum of academic learning renders many benefits which are often dismissed with the delusion that it is not efficient and not up to the mark. However, this is not the case. An online course is very economical and cost-effective since it provides certification of completion through a limited fee and within a limited time period that a conventional course would fail to provide. It should be noted that online courses, due to many hindering factors, fail to provide a rigorous scholarship of the entirety of the course. But what it does dispense is the punctilious and meticulous articulation of a specific kind of specialization that the entirety of the course branches out. Some of the courses available are also free of cost and do not create a barrier of age limit or any educational background. Moreover, the student has the liberty to select the specialization of their choice. Online courses are extremely flexible in terms of time management and render a great degree of freedom to the students in terms of the style of learning, contents of comprehension and methods of examinations. The online courses, which are often rooted in reputed international institutions, also provide an opportunity to engage in a group session and acquire the essence of teamwork. It also extracts the possibility to attend and complete the course by staying in the comfort of your own house. In this sense, a student gains the potential of self-efficiency, self-assessment and self-belief and the capability of working in coordination with groups which in turn elevates the effectiveness of professional and collective communication. Furthermore, with the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic an online course, especially for engineering skills, is the best suitable option for any individual who is either looking for a domain of skill enhancement and additional knowledge or as a medium of creating an impressive resume. 

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Compilation of the Best Online Courses for Developing Engineering Skills across the Globe

According to the 2020-2021 statistics, a compilation of some of the best free online engineering courses for all students and enthusiasts to study and learn specialized subjects of this discipline through the online academic domain established and rendered by many revered and prestigious colleges around the world is provided within this article. 

  1. Technical Report Writing for Engineers Course – The University of Sheffield 

The course is 6 weeks long and is provided in the English language. An individual can begin during the start of the course or after that. The course will cover the importance and anatomy of technical reports, citing and referencing, formulation of aims and objectives, abstract writing, presentation of equations, nomenclature, figures and data, writing of discussion sessions, detection of errors and precision and the use of language and tense. The course can be taken up for free but an up-gradation of USD 54 which calculates to be INR 3,925 renders extra benefits. 

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  1. GLOBE Online Program - University of California, Berkeley

The course is for 5 months and is provided in the English language. The program is highly personalized with one-on-one academic advising and many other sources of support. This engineering course has no restriction on specialization. One will gain access to their graduate school application workshop series. The total program fee is USD 17,250 which calculates to be INR 12,53,889. There is certain application requirements – GPA should be 3.3 or above, TOEFL score should be 90 or the IELTS score should be 7 and the applicant should provide a page of a personal statement. The program begins on January 19, 2021, and ends on May 14, 2021. The enrollment is strictly based on space availabilities. 

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  1. Principle of Static Equipment Program – The international Institute of Plant Engineering and Design, Netherlands

This course is for 6 months and is provided in the English language. The tuition fee is EUR 1,600 which calculates to be INR 1,39,019. It is a self-paced course about the principles involved in the design of static equipment. This course is suitable for engineering or science graduates. There is a course tutor available to facilitate online discussion and to assess the final project. Moreover, this course is flexible which conducts itself according to the student’s commitment and workload. The students should be a science or engineering graduate or be at least 25 years old to prove at least three years of experience in the field of Diploma. 

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  1. Electrical Engineering: Sensing, Powering and Controlling Course – University of Birmingham

The course is 3 weeks long and is provided in the English language with Mandarin transcripts. This course provides an in-depth articulation of electrical engineering and enhances communicative and technical vocabulary with a reference to everyday life in specific contexts. It focuses on skill development in analyzing and designing, digital and analog circuits and systems and effectively constructs English technical vocabulary. In this sense, it would also aid one to communicate engineering ideas with more confidence. This course is free of cost with an up-gradation of USD 54 which calculates to be INR 3,925 that entails extra benefits. 

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  1. In-Place Filter Testing Workshop – Harvard University 

The pace of the course is instructor-led and provides credit through the certification of completion. It is conducted in the English language. The tuition fee is USD 2,350 which calculates to be INR 1,70,819. This course would teach how to test and certify high-efficiency particulate air-filtration and gas-adsorption systems for nuclear and non-nuclear applications and verify the conduction of airflow and ventilation. It would demonstrate an understanding of regulations issued by the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the United States Department of Energy pertaining to air- and gas-cleaning activities. It discusses the contextual U.S standards and regulations and the implementation of the same. 

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