Online Learning Challenges & Tips to Overcome These Problems

Compared with traditional learning, online learning has many advantages. It is provided at a lower cost and provides greater flexibility for students and teachers, but many online learning challenges will jeopardize the success of training and prevent the course from reaching its full potential.


In the digital age, online learning is to eliminate the boredom of learning in the classroom. However, this is not always the case. Some e-learning courses contain endless texts or multiple-choice questions that students have not solved. Such courses are usually boring for students, and lack of commitment and motivation is one of the main reasons for the failure of e-learning courses. Students often stop accessing the platform and do not complete their courses due to this online learning challenge; even if they do, they will not fully comply.


Find interactive, dynamic, and engaging interactive courses to retain and motivate your students. You can also get help from online e-learning resources, because there are currently many vendors that provide a variety of interactive learning materials, including homework and company, video, game solutions, etc.

Technical Issues

Not all students are tech-savvy or have access to the high bandwidth or reliable Internet connection required to take online courses. There are also compatibility issues (with operating systems, browsers, or smartphones) that increase complexity. All of these can lead to frustration, decreased participation and interest, learning disabilities, and dropouts. In addition, most of them do not even have a computer and can only seek technical assistance from the Learning Resource Center.

Some people live off-campus and find it difficult to meet the technical requirements of their chosen degree because of this online learning challenge.

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The only way to solve this online learning challenge is to choose an online course that does not require advanced technology, high-speed Internet connection, or a large amount of internal storage and has reliable and simple scripts. Find courses that do not require you to download courses. And to ensure that the course runs smoothly on smartphones, browsers, and operating systems. In addition, make sure that the online course you choose has a simple and comprehensive help forum and a FAQ section for solving various difficulties so that you can be sure that there is no problem with the technology and the learning process.

Lack Of Equipment

Not all students and teachers have personal equipment. Many of them share their laptops, mobile devices, and computers with their parents or siblings to keep up with their remote work.


Many schools provide their teachers and students with laptops for distance learning, and there are no strict deadlines for homework. In addition, many countries also broadcast lectures on television to enable a wider audience to understand these lectures. You can do it too.

Numerical Ability

Although children of this age learn quickly and have good computer skills; however, certain professional skills are required; this includes the ability to log in, successfully participate in courses, submit homework, and communicate with teachers and classmates. Students also need to understand online communication etiquette and the rights and responsibilities of students in an online learning environment. In addition, some students do not know how to use basic programs such as Microsoft Word and PowerPoint or cannot solve basic computer problems because they have certain domain knowledge and the learning materials are easy to organize.


To solve this online learning challenge, please choose a school that has access to a full range of support services, including technical support via phone, email, and live chat, if you have any questions about technology, or provide basic digital literacy courses. To improve students’ knowledge in the field. In addition, please be sure to follow the teacher’s instructions to register and submit documents, etc., to avoid sarcastic or interesting responses.

Security Issues

Since the outbreak of COVID19, online platforms have become fertile ground for cybercrimes, and many institutions, teachers, and students have become victims of these crimes. For example, it has recently been reported that the teleconferencing company. Zoom stores all video conference recordings in a vault without a password; in addition, institutions have become victims of zoom bombs that exploded in the classroom. This shows that we need to be careful when choosing digital tools for online learning, and protecting our sensitive data should be a priority.


Although the company provides generous quotations to teachers and students, we cannot be 100% sure about the security of our data. Therefore, we must carefully choose the online platform and read all provided statements and privacy policies to overcome this online learning challenge. Regarding the data, you disclose online. In addition, avoid visiting suspicious websites and attachments, be vigilant when opening emails from unknown senders, avoid clicking on suspicious links and frequently update software.


Self-motivation is an important requirement for online learning, but not everyone can stay motivated throughout the course. Once registered, many students may not be able to meet the requirements of the virtual classroom, which may be due to low bandwidth, restricted access to technical equipment, or inability to access these, or other technical issues.


First of all, students need to be motivated to follow this new way of learning and prepare for future challenges. Practice is difficult, but you must actively overcome this online learning challenge of e-learning. E-learning must be used in the future.

Easier said than done, but we believe that some of these techniques will help you find your way in the uncharted territory of online learning by overcoming an online learning challenge mentioned in this article. While enjoying the real benefits of online learning, stay calm and motivated.

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