5 Secret Tips to be Successful in Coursera

Coursera is an amazing online learning platform. It is a great way for one to enhance their skill set and expand their knowledge on various topics. However, it is extremely important to have some tips and tricks up your sleeve to be able to benefit from these courses to the fullest. This article will be providing 5 tips that will surely help one succeed in reaping the full benefits out of their online course.

Choose a course you cherish

Choosing a course is very important when it comes to studying. One must be genuinely interested in the course they pick to ensure continued interest in the topic. Also, one needs to choose a course which is of use and can help to make a difference in his career. Research all available courses on the topic of your interest and pick the one which suits you the best. There is no one to reprimand you for missing class in the online sphere. However, if we are deeply interested in the topic we study, it is easier to stay focused and committed.

Prepare beforehand

Go through the course syllabus and familiarise yourself with the topics and subtopics. This insightful study is very important to understand and gauge the details of the course. Read about the concepts briefly before lectures and in-depth after them. Keep the course guideline handy and make a study plan accordingly. The course might be online, but it is just as academic in its nature as a physical class. One must try to learn as much as possible about the things being taught in class. Doing extra reading on your own will give you an edge not only in your assignments but in other studies or future endeavors.

Have a schedule

Preparing a proper daily/weekly study schedule is one of the best ways to ensure the best possible progress and maximum learning. Reading and revising your topics on a scheduled basis will help your brain to focus during the study periods and retain knowledge better. Making notes is an effective way to learn and study. Preparing a study structure makes us take the courses seriously and treat them like an actual class which will help gain knowledge instead of something one is learning just for fun. A schedule will also help minimize plan clashes and reduce weekly workload.

Participation is key

Participate in class discussions and ask for feedback from peers. Online class discussions are actually quite vibrant and interesting once we put an effort. Giving feedback to classmates on their work will help better your understanding of the course as well. Exchanging assignments and participating in peer reviews will broaden our perspective. Interact with the mentors present in the discussions. These mentors are usually students who have completed the course and achieved good scores. This is an effective study tool if used seriously.


Procrastination is one sin we all suffer from. Being held accountable by yourself or by someone else helps us stay focused and get things done on time. Using a reward system helps one stay focused and interested. For people who have strong willpower, baiting themselves with either an episode of their favorite show once they are done with a study session or a piece of their favorite chocolate or food is a good option. One can ask a close friend or family member to check up on them and ask about their progress. Alternatively, if it is affordable, one can buy the certification instead of doing the free course. Buying the certification will make the whole class seem more legitimate and keep the procrastination in check.

Don’t try to juggle too many tasks or courses all at once. It will lead to a mess and you won’t be able to give your best to all the tasks together. Don’t forget to take breaks and take care of your health while studying. Some of us tend to get so immersed in the work that we forget to take care of ourselves. Keeping yourself hydrated and your brain refreshed are the best ways to ensure a good performance in class. Doing physical exercise every once in a while (could be a short walk in the house itself) helps regulate blood flow in the body.

Keeping these tips in mind, go ahead and tackle the online course. Happy studying!

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