7 Steps of Building a Business Offering Online Courses

The market for a business in online education has never been better! According to the report ‘Global Online Education Market – Forecasts From 2020 to 2025’, the global market for online education will increase from the recorded US$187.877 billion in 2019 to a forecasted US$319.167 billion in 2025. Online education is a great way to provide courses and certifications all over the world through the comfort of your home along with full control over their timings and pace of learning. 

However, due to the increase in demand for online education, there has been a fair amount of competition in this industry. How does one keep himself exclusive from the rest? What can you do to sell your courses better? Let us look at our business like a house. Like every well-built house, a strong foundation is essential. The content of our course influences its selling capacity a lot. Content, marketing, pricing, and availability are things that ensure a good online course that will sell. Here are some tips to help you achieve the best possible foundation along with your passion and determination, of course. 

Research, Research, and Research

The first step to a good online course is strong research. To build your business, look at the demand and supply chain of educational topics. Look at all available courses on various platforms, their pricing, the competition, the most popular topics and courses, courses with potential, and the target audience of each. Intense research is what helps a business grow and minimize risks. It is essential to have a well-researched business plan which looks into various aspects and opportunities. 

Get, Set, Course!

Once the research is done, one must work on creating the course. Keep your target audience in mind and create a course according to the interest areas of your audience and the opportunities available to them. Try to make your course as interesting and informative as possible. Choose your lesson type, assessment method, projects, discussions, worksheets, etc. The aim is not to have a perfect course right off the bat, it is to make something that benefits people and reels them in. A good course is not always a long one. Keeping things short is not a bad thing if you can teach the essentials in 5 hours instead of 10. The learners will thank you for your to-the-point lectures. 

Treasure Hunt

It is important to find the perfect platform for your course. The correct platform will lead to more interaction in your course with the audience. Different platforms are frequented by different groups of people. Finding the platforms frequented by your target audience is an essential step. In case you use your platform, use SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing techniques to promote your content. 

The Price is Right!

While studying your target audience helps you price your course in a certain income bracket, it is always a good option to have other methods handy. If the course is a long one, having options like weekly access in which people can pay for classes weekly if they are unable to pay a lump sum. Having scholarships, discounts, coupons or other such methods is another good way to increase your target audience. 

Finding Your Nemo

It is essential to have a Unique Selling Point (USP) to beat the competition. Having a USP sets you apart from your competitors. It can range from having financial assistance, personalized feedbacks, online meetings with the professors, to group discussions. Instead of trying to fit in as many extra things as possible, focus on one that you feel will make the most amount of difference and sell it. 

Market My Money

Marketing strategies will define the direction of the sales pitch. Promote your course on platforms used by your target audience the most. If your target audience is school or college-going students, then use social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter or try to form a partnership with the schools or colleges. Conduct workshops or a small lecture to promote your course. Don’t be afraid to advertise. Publicity and advertising always help. One can also partner with small-time influencers to promote their course as well.

Testify us

Having testimonials and feedback from students is always a good thing. It helps draw the interest of other students. Happy students are always the best referrals. While trying to enroll more students is one of the aims, it is important to focus on the already enrolled students. Extend the best possible service. 

It is difficult to form successful businesses, but these tips will help you form the most solid foundation possible. A good businessperson like you can use them to make your business get the jumpstart it needs. So, go ahead and provide the best possible online education you can.


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