The Ultimate Top 8 Scholarships for Women and Girls

Women across various societies have extremely limited access to education. Education is the key to success which secures a bright future. The most prominent and crucial social fight was the fight for the right to education, especially among marginalized groups like women. Numerous institutions along with government, corporates and social work bodies have formulated a diverse range of scholarships that would assist women to access education without any need for them to dwell on any kind of financial, social and economic conditions. A detailed list of scholarships has been compiled and mentioned within this article which provides a range of choices for women and girls to go through and select the perfect scholarship for themselves.

They are as follows: 

  1. STAR Eligibility Requirements

STAR Scholarships offer USD $2,500 and are established in honor or memory of an individual or a chapter. The funds that are accumulated are held in the P.E.O Foundation. An eligible woman exhibits excellence in leadership, academics, extracurricular activities, public service and potentials are channeled to future success. There are other specificities for the eligibility criteria revolving around the academic score, age, citizenship details and much more. The criteria are further extended on the basis of interviews, votes on recommendation and chairman overview.     

  1. The ASME Foundation Hanley Scholarship

This scholarship is granted to female college sophomores, juniors and senior students. The candidate must demonstrate and prove a statement of her financial needs, excellent academic potential and capability to function within and contribute to the domain of mechanical engineering, in order to meet the eligibility criteria for this award.

  1. Young Women in Public Affairs Award

The Young Women in Public Affairs Award guarantees $1,000 to female students who lie between the age group of 16 and 19. The female candidate must reside in the district of Zonta district or region. The candidate should also exemplify and demonstrate superior leadership skills and a commitment to the service for the public and civic causes.

  1. Women Scientist Scheme-B (WOS-B)

The objective of this scheme is meant to encourage women scientists and technologists who are taking a break in their careers. It encourages them to utilize their knowledgeable strength and potential and contribute to the benefit of society. This scholarship awards up to Rs 55,000 per month to women scientists and technologists between 27 and 57 years of age. One can apply between February and March.

  1. Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars Programs

The Joyce Ivy Summer Scholars Program is made accessible to all female sophomores and junior candidates who are inclined towards attending a pre-college summer program. The term of this grant does, to some extent, depending on the region of residence across the diverse states of the United States. In addition to this, the candidate must radiate excellent conduction in terms of academics and extra curriculum in order to be a part of any strong academic institution.

  1.  Dr. Reddy’s Foundation Sashakt Scholarship

This scholarship provides financial assistance by awarding Rs 240,000 for 3 years of study to support girl students hailing from rural and low socio-economic backgrounds to help to secure access to undergraduate level education in some of the best science institutions in India. The key aim is to prepare these girls for a successful career in the field of science. One can apply between March and August.

  1.  Girl Scout Leadership Award – Cottey College

This scholarship award is granted to freshmen from the seniors. The Girl Scout Leadership Award is meant to be accessible to all the female students of Cottey College. It should be noted that the candidate has to be a recipient of the Girl Scout Leadership in order to be eligible to receive the award offered and granted.  

  1.  Army Women’s Foundation Legacy Scholarships

The Army Women’s Foundation recognizes the importance and the crucial aspects of education that are structured synonymous with basic necessity. It also emphasizes the role of education in the personal, professional and economic spheres. It provides grants to women soldiers and their coming generations in the roles to help them attain their educational goals and agendas. The grants and financial assistance are attributed to certificate programs, community college coursework, undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees. Scholarships are based on merit and academic potential that is express through essays, academic papers and interviews.

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