20 Tips to Market Online Courses

Online education is a widely growing field whose global market was valued at US$187.877 in 2019. It is forecasted to only increase going forward. It is a highly competitive market due to its multiple benefits like quality education from the comfort of your home at a low cost with flexible hours. But if you’re here, you already know the pros and cons of the industry. This article aims to help you beat the competition and rise against the odds. Here are some tips to help you market these courses as much as possible. 

The Surge of Social Media 

Social media is one of the most effective and powerful marketing tools in this day and age. Use the social media platforms that are most frequented by your target audience. Make targeted posts about the courses and use appropriate hashtags to increase your reach. Making 2-3 accounts on various sites helps us engage with a cross-section of the target audience. Using algorithm tricks like reels and stories is a great way to boost views. 

World of Webinars

Try to conduct short webinars of 30-60 minutes to build the interest of the audience and give them an overview of the course. It allows your audience to connect with you and the content in a personalized way. They can ask questions and give feedback which will help to not only better the course but increase its interaction as well. One doesn’t necessarily have to show their faces for a successful webinar. Screen sharing or interviews are also viable options for a successful webinar. 

Paid advertising

Paid advertising is a fast and easy way to get results. Money makes the magic happen. Even the smallest amount can go a long way. Paid ads are heavily targeted and are easier to track. It is important to budget for advertising and choose plans and platforms carefully. Always keep the audience in mind. 

Feedback from non-competing experts

A great way to market your course is to reach out to experts or teachers in the field of your course for feedback, criticism, tips, and collaborations. These professionals can become customers and partners in the future. They can help promote your course in their circles and to students who have an interest in this field. 

Free Trial courses

Trial periods are a great way to build interest in a course as it allows one to see its value without fully committing. It works like a teaser and a mini-course. It allows the students to touch the surface of the topic and decide whether they want to go ahead with it or not. 

Discounts and Bundles

Discounts are a great way to increase your target audience and generate revenue. Forming bundles of similar courses also increases the chance of more people purchasing the courses. It expands the target audience as well. 

Translating course material

Translating course material increases the accessibility of the course allowing a larger target audience. Hire a translator instead of relying on google translate as the translations can be unintelligible at times which leads to a loss of credibility. 

Course sales page

A course sales page is what ropes a student in. It is the page that describes the course and is the place people visit before signing up. Having a well-written course sales page is a great way to market the course. Providing an overview of topics and sub-topics being taught in the course on the course sales page itself also helps interest students.

Mailing list

Contrary to the general notion, email marketing is still an active and effective marketing strategy. Inviting people to sign up on your website or social media and sending them regular updates and content is another way to expand your reach. 

Catchy Title

Titles that either make us think in awe or call us dumb are the ones that catch most of our attention. A title like ‘A dummy’s guide to culinary arts’ makes us think that even the most average person can learn how to do culinary arts. A title carries all the weight of the course. It is important to have a good and catchy title.


Putting testimonials and feedbacks of students who have already studied the course in public view helps gain the trust of other students. Adding testimonials of professionals in the field of the course also add credibility.


Doing interviews on podcasts or taking interviews with renowned professionals in the field of the online course adds to its credibility. It helps reach a niche audience on a larger level as well.


Partner with other entrepreneurs to gain access to a larger target audience. Mutual promotion of content is a brilliant way to combine knowledge and skills as well as industries. 

Financial aid 

Some students might want to do an online course, but they might not have the required resources to pay for it. They might not be able to either pay a lump sum or have a financial crisis. In such cases, having different payment plans for the students is a delightful and inclusive approach. 

Partnering with bloggers and influencers

Bloggers and influencers may be relatively new to the world of marketing, but they have a large audience with great influence. Partnering with them would expose an online course to an expansive audience who is highly influenced by the decisions of that person.

Producing podcasts 

Creating podcasts is a great way to market courses but it is important to filter content. A podcast is like a free trial class. It helps touch the surface of the topic but doesn’t provide in-depth knowledge. 

Affiliate programs 

The best and most effective way to create an affiliate program is to ask students who have completed the course to market it. Provide students unique codes or links once they are done with the course and give them rewards or benefits in the form of discounts of a certain percentage for some people who enroll on a referral basis. 


Using relevant keywords in the course sales page and title helps increase its visibility. Investing in Search Engine Optimisation helps increase traffic and is a fundamental part of digital marketing. 

Online group discussion 

Online groups of sites like Quora and Reddit are quite a niche in nature. It is a good place to find like-minded people and engage in discussions about topics related to the course, ask for advice, and promote your content. 

Seed promotion 

Seed promotion helps us build suspense and excitement towards a course. For example, an online cooking course is being launched by Nigella Lawson. Providing merchandise, having countdowns, doing promotional activities, etc. help create a buzz around a course which makes people more interested to purchase it. 

An online course is pretty much the same as any other product being marketed. One must focus on the finer details that set it apart from the rest. The aim is always to make it as accessible as possible. Hope these tips help!

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