Top 10 Free Online Baking Courses and Classes

Baking is often only a fun hobby, but the truth is – not easy! There is a lot of thought, effort, and ability to make delicious baking. Fortunately, there are plenty of great resources for your bakery game. Talented pastry chefs, bakers, and bakers have put their know-how together in fun and informative courses and delicious courses. Followings are the Top 10 Free Online Baking Courses and Classes.

Skill Share: The Baking Art: A Guide to Beginners 

Author, blogger, baker, and television personality Sarah Graham teaches this popular informative course. Then you can learn the guidance to feel more confident with this Skill share course! The seven courses fill with bakery tips and take only 54 minutes to work.

They provide many useful tips but maintains things light, fun, and fluffy. In addition, students get an excellent overview of cookies, biscuits, pastries, home-crafted bread. This course will be helpful from the Top 10 Free Online Baking Courses and Classes.

Know You Dough: Baking Tools, Tips, and Techniques

The good dough is an important component of a good baker's work. In this Skill share course, instructor Becky Sue Wilberding will teach you three great recipes that make you an excellent supporter. Students will gain valuable insight into how to refine their pasta by creating short-bread lemon poppy cookies. The first of 14 lessons in this 1-hour course discusses the importance of baking with quality ingredients. Becky is also going to share with you her top 10 baking tools.

Sourdough Bread Baking 101

Sourdough Bread Baking 101 course is for beginners with no previous experience of sourdough and does not deter you from the idea of making your sourdough starter. During 42 video lessons, Teresa will teach you basics like making and taking care of your beginners, mixing and piling the dough, and shaping, measuring, and baking the bread. She will also give you handy advice about the basic bakery you will need and why weighing your ingredients is important.

Udemy Classic Bakes Baking Basics

Learn how to bake Victoria-cooked sponge cake, carrot cake, chocolate brownies, butter biscuits, and an exciting bonus recipe from Rachel Reynolds. Rachel will go through all the recipes mentioned above during eight short lessons. The students found that the course with the recipes was easy to follow and that some helpful baking tips were picked from Top 10 Free Online Baking Courses and Classes.

Gluten-Free Baking Academy Courses

Gluten-Free Baking Academy Courses may have been already figured out, but it is designed for those eating gluten-free or bakery for someone else. Unfortunately, Gluten-free has become virtually flavor-free. However, the recipes you learn will contribute to changing this poor perception. Broth Baking is a guided course of 4 weeks covering flatbreads, fast bread, yeast, and sourdough.


Cakeflix is essentially like a cake ideas library. You have access to hundreds (in fact, 957) of cake tutorials and other cool features such as regular live shows and a monthly contest cake by subscribing. So, this information contains information on the level of expertise to produce the recipe, the number of videos in the tutorial, the approximate time to decorate, photographs of the finished cake, a detailed overview of the steps involved.

Easy & Versatile Baking

This fast course of 28 minutes saves you a lot of sadness in the kitchen. And it's one of the best backing courses online if you want to get a good yeast dough out of it. Julia Turshen,

Chef and Developer of Recipe. So, it can teach them how to make the perfect dough with her raspberry jam buns. However, it is a helpful course from Top 10 Free Online Baking Courses and Classes.

Mastering Tarte Tatin Udemy

Skills include caramel making and caramel making, tarts assembling, puff pastry making, tile and sugar decoration making, tarts baking, and tarts plating and serving. All aspects of Tarte Tatin from beginning to end covers this Udemy class. However, there is no need to experience previous baking or cake decorating. So, you're going to need some basic baking utensils, like a cake and a rolling pin, to make a Tarte Tatin.

Simple to Sensational: Perfect French Macarons

Irit will take you all the steps to make the perfect macaron. More than 3 hours of training is split into 33 short, informative video lessons to simplify the learning of this tricky Recette.

The course covers the themes of making perfect macaron shells, macaroon fillings, macaron filling recipes, macaroon assembly, macaroon towers, displays, and gift boxes. So, you're not just going to be instructed to make a nice macaron from the Top 10 Free Online Baking Courses and Classes.

Sourdough Bread Artisan Like a Professional

During this extensive Udemy course, Teresa Greenway goes deep into the surface country. The first and intermediate baker gains tones of Sourdough skillful and amazing techniques with 85 lessons of four and a half hours of learning material. Get prepared to delve into subjects such as mixture and shaping, sticky, wet dough handling. Thus, how to get a crisp, blistered crust and a big hole crumb.

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