Top 8 Social Media Marketing Courses

Social media marketing, fast-growing in prominence refers to the use of social media platforms with the purpose of increasing engagement with the audience and subsequently build one’s brand, as well as increasing traction and traffic on the website. Social Media Marketing thus has at its core effective use of and astute analysis of social media algorithms in order to reshape and reframe consumer behavior. It involves the tailoring of content according to differential media forums with a common aim of boosting sales.

Top 8 Social Media Marketing Courses

The expansion of learning opportunities to online modes has translated into a wealth of available courses to acquire knowledge. Considering however that to be available in abundance is not an index of teaching quality, in making the choice of a course to invest time and effort in, one must consider a variety of features such as Instructor expertise, course content and Ratings and reviews. The following are the top 8 courses on Social Media Marketing:

  1. What is Social ( Coursera)

A beginner-level course, ‘What is social’ is offered to the demographics of business owners, executives, and marketing professionals the opportunity to make the best of an increasingly digitizing world by improving and tweaking their social strategy to fit with aims of growth and to do so using proven methodologies which have been known to yield results. This course offers a range of tools, insights, and skill development opportunities that can lead to immediate results in addition to providing enrollers the long-term benefits of being able to network effectively through social media.

  1. Complete Digital Marketing Course (Udemy)

Udemy’s complete digital marketing course has been a widely sought one and can boast of over 70,000 professional’s enrollment in the same.  With wide-ranging suitability for beginners and professionals, it has a comprehensive course structure that disseminates information regarding advertising strategies, especially on social media platforms. It also teaches its learners specificities of operating on online marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Lastly, it also offers an additional specializing ability on practical courses on Google AdWords, Analytics and Email Marketing, SEO Fundamentals and WordPress.

  1. Comprehensive Social Media Training Bootcamp (Creative Live)

Spearheaded by those who have expertise in specific social media domains this course offers platform-specific strategies and insights for increasing consumer engagement and churning out content that would likely rake up sales. The course in addition to offering theoretical knowledge like many of its counterparts also delves into the action and application element of the same. Offering customized information on executing the strategies it teaches, Comprehensive social media training boot camp through its curriculum and emphasis tends to approach digital marketing with implementation focused orientation.

  1. Content, Advertising & Social IMC (Coursera)

This course entails information on the development of engaging content for the audience as an essential component in social marketing. This course helps you to learn integrated marketing communications strategy in social media and how it is being used.

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (Google Digital Garage)

Offered by Google Digital Garage, this course has an exhaustive and comprehensive module that offers familiarizing one with Analytics and data insights, Business strategy, Content Marketing, Display Advertising and E-commerce. It is well known for its focus on searching patterns specifically, on developing easy-to-navigate optimized web pages, allowing users to find desired content easily and quickly.

  1. Social Marketing Training (Hootsuite Academy)

Offered by Hootsuite academy, the social marketing training program offers a distinct course that sets it apart from others, it focusses on imbuing even beginners with professional capacity by offering under a broad umbrella course multiple mini-courses such as optimizing social media profiles building audience loyalty and community, social advertising, and content marketing. Explaining course content through lively animated video format this course also has provisions for regular checking of how well information has been synthesized by learners through quizzes and other assessments.

  1. Social Media Content Strategy (Fiverr Learn)

Fiverr Learn’s Social Media Content Strategy course is the one to turn to for acquainting oneself with the very basics of social media marketing. Headed by Rita Cidre, the course content distinctively includes a segment on empathy mapping, a feature that is well versed with can provide the learner more customer insight and thereby help tailor the brand, product, or service to the specific features that would draw a target audience. The course also has a strong practical orientation, helping in the creation and structuring of a strategy that could be applied to the actual venture. Furthermore, the course also engages with ways to set one’s objectives, identification of an audience, strategy shaping and executing.

  1. Introduction to Social Media Analytics (Coursera)

Coursera offered Introduction to Social media Analytics is a beginner-level course that primarily deals with marketing research and its move to a digitized platform i.e. social media. Offering a three-pronged learning structure this course enables its learners to be familiar with analytic methods that can convert social media data into tangible patterned marketing insights. Secondly, a related skill it provides is the ability to deduce social media data from which market structure and consumers’ perceptions can be identified. Lastly, it also propels the development of foundational skills of social media listening which subsumes under it the creation of social media metrics.

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