Top Apps That Help You Teach & Learn Remotely During Covid-19

Presumably, this back-to-school season will be different from previous years. The reason Why is the pandemic of Covid-10 officially an outbreak. The spread of infectious disease at a dizzying speed led to countrywide lockdowns, of course, including educational institutions.

There are a bunch of lengthy assignments and group projects students upcoming to finish, but the worrisome situation at this time is nobody is allowed to go out if not acceptance of local politics, this explains why all schools are starting to adopt alternate instructional options such as online education.

Nowadays, when technology is bombing over the world, so we can purely learn from home just need a computer or a smartphone with the active internet, students freely learn at home without worry about Coronavirus. There are endless applications available that are created to assist online teaching-learning smoothly. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Top Apps Making Teaching and Learn Remotely Possible When Class in Schools Are Shut


Zoom is one of the most popular apps that appeared in a lot of media, it's feature is more and more updated and used trending in many countries during the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak. This free real-time video conferencing application enables you to give a 40 minutes lesson at once to up to 100 students? 

If you need more time, capacity, and space, you can sign up for Zoom's subscription plan for only $15 per month. Zoom can allow access for schools in certain countries during the Covid-19 outbreak.


Lying in the list of one of the most widely used video-calling apps, Skype owns millions of users around the world with the aim to support distance learning possible, too, during this global crisis. 

Nowadays, students can attend any online classes right on their bed without having to go to school early. The application also allows faculty to host 100 students at one time. This app is supported on most devices such as Android, iPhone, laptop, tablet, PC, and dial-in. So Great!

3.Google Classroom

This application is popular since it is used by many teachers because it allows them to create online forums, then share course curriculum, useful news, or quality lessons as well as easily give feedback on student work.

4.  Google Forms

Google Forms is the application allowed to gather information in a variety of contexts (e.g surveys, quizzes, etc.). When using this app, Google Drive will ask you to log in, so you may create quizzes and surveys you want to check student’s knowledge. This app's quiz feature can be enabled to block joiners from opening other windows. Moreover, it provides auto-grading for multiple-choice tests as well. With Google Forms, you can freely create documents like spreadsheets and follow your learners’ progress. Plus, you may design exercises with ease that require students' collaboration and participation.

5.Facebook Groups

Facebook is one of the biggest viral platforms, so this app will be an ideal app to share information related to education. All we know is that Facebook is similar to other social media platforms. Here, we can join Facebook Groups where you may freely post presentations, lectures, or go live/livestream. 

6.Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts will be a great choice if you wish to stay connected on your phone continuously. Using the Google Hangouts app you may communicate with others through instant messages, video calls, and even share documents, files, pictures, etc, so learning from home will be funnier than ever if you try on this app.

Additionally, you’ll discover so many fun emojis to bring interest to your conversation and show your emotion to your class. 

Google Hangout is evaluated as one of the best apps having ease of use and exciting free features, so it is prioritized to use by most teachers


Flipgrid is viewed as one of the hottest oral communication applications for teachers and students, this application will support students and teachers to record short, online videos. Teachers can effortlessly create accounts and create “classrooms” within accounts.

Like Google Classroom, students can take part in classrooms through a code. At that time, teachers can start to create posts and enable students to respond via short videos and you purely can set to allow only teachers to read responses or for students to be able to see and respond If you want.

Flipgrid is an amazing oral communication application and easy to use. You can adapt to fit any age group or subject area effectively.


Slack may be going to change the way you teach. Why?

Are you tired of the clutter in your messy email inbox? Don't worry, Slack is the best choice for you. Basically, Slack is a fantastic messaging platform where people can freely chat together in a single room. No matter if you are on the desktop app or mobile phone, you can access it easily and start to communicate with people through direct messages or even create themed channels. Slack also allows teachers to contribute in a variety of ways to the student community. You can completely use the free version with storage limitations or go for a paid upgrade.

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