Top Courses in Painting in 2021

Our team of 20+ experts conducted extensive research and assembled this handy list of the best online art courses, classes, tutorials, certification, training, and programs for 2021. This list includes both free and paid online tools to assist you in learning to draw at your own speed. These courses are more appropriate for all levels of learners, including beginners, intermediates, and experts. This collection has already helped a large number of students.

Fine Arts courses cover a broad variety of disciplines, from realistic courses in painting, illustration, filmmaking, or photography to Business and Art History courses. Fine Arts classes are suitable for full-time artists, students, working professionals, or those with a general interest in the subject. Some Fine Arts courses may require a portfolio submission prior to enrollment in order to ensure that the prospective student has the requisite foundational knowledge or potential for success in the class.

Fine arts courses are available at universities and academic institutions worldwide, from France to South Africa, the United States to Singapore, and Sweden to Vietnam. Universities strive to deliver Fine Arts courses on a full-time or part-time basis to accommodate a wide variety of students' scheduling needs. Universities and schools follow industry guidelines in Fine Arts programs, often awarding a diploma or certificate at the end of the course. Students will learn the fundamentals of selling, buying, encouraging, and supporting art in Fine Arts business courses.

Top Courses in Painting in 2021

  • 3D Animation Program– Udemy
  • Art & Design Classes (Creativelive) – Udemy
  • Biennial: Specialization in Painting, Sculpture or Goldsmithing– Udemy
  • Udemy – How to Paint From Fledgling to Dominate – Acrylic Painting
  • The Workmanship and Study of Drawing/Essential Abilities Udemy
  • Udemy: Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures, and Clothes

3D Animation Program– Udemy

Do you aspire to work in the fascinating animation industry? Rocket Sky is an online animation school where students are taught by industry experts. On a full-time or part-time basis, we deliver competitive tuition rates and funding options.

Art & Design Classes (Creativelive) – CreativeLive

These online programs, run by Creativelive, are ideal for those interested in learning the basics of Adobe CC – InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop. You can become a professional freelance designer by enrolling in these in-demand courses. They cover a wide range of subjects, including branding, web and UX design, Adobe Illustrator, drawing and illustration, and more.

Once you attend this training, you can learn how to manage design projects effectively. The best part is that you can participate from anywhere and at any time. This program has now drawn over 300,000 students.

Biennial: Specialization in Painting, Sculpture, or Goldsmithing

For students interested in pursuing careers as professional artists, the Sacred Art School offers training in classical methods of painting, sculpture, and metalcraft. Our courses encourage creative ingenuity and craftsmanship, as well as a limitless openness to the sacred.

The Workmanship and Study of Drawing/Essential Abilities 

The Art & Science of Drawing is a valuable course that will teach you how to draw one day at a time. This qualification program is straightforward. Each day, watch one video lesson that teaches you an essential drawing skill and then practice as directed.

This beginner's art class is jam-packed with useful information about the drawing process. It has some of the easiest-to-understand drawing instructions.

These digital art courses will teach you tools and techniques that are rarely used outside of private art academies. This is one of the best online drawing courses available, and anyone interested in painting should take it. No matter what format you work in, the skills you'll learn in this online drawing class will significantly enhance your art and design.

Udemy – How to Paint From Beginner to Master – Acrylic Painting

Acrylic Painting From Beginner to Master is designed to teach everyone, from novice to intermediate, all of the basics of acrylic painting that you'll ever need to make vivid, photo-realistic paintings.

You'll learn time-honored painting techniques combined with modern methods in guided lectures that have been carefully designed and edited to meet anyone's pace! You'll have access to me seven days a week if you have any questions or need coaching along the way!

From start to finish, we'll work on six paintings and projects together, each one designed to teach you various aspects of painting, such as textures, color mixing and theory, brush handling, painting in layers, using mediums, glazing and separation coats, underpainting, painting with planes, mixing and painting skin tone, color compositions from still life to portraiture, and painting detail.

Character Illustration: Drawing Faces, Figures, and Clothes

Character Illustration is a course in which you can learn how to draw characters by sketching fluid poses and mastering facial expressions. As a teacher, these art classes are perfect for emerging artists. Gabriel's approach is careful and comprehensive, and it will help you to create compelling characters on paper or screen.

You'll be able to develop your characters after taking this best online drawing class, which will help you communicate plot, emotion, and movement with ease.

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