Top Courses to Learn Data Structure and Algorithms

Data structures and algorithms are one of the most important topics, especially for programmers and. The best and great thing about them is that they never get outdated, and any investment you made in terms of time and money will pay you the rich dividends for a long time.

These courses help you improve your programming skills and coding sense, and that's the main reason to suggest all kinds of programmers from senior to junior to spend some time revising, refreshing, and honing your data structure and algorithm skills. So, the best way to learn data structures and algorithms is to join a course.

It is essential to know about the top courses related to Data analysis and structure if you wish to learn data analytics.  The courses will help you improve your skills to the next level. So, there are Top Courses to learn Data Structure and Algorithms.

Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization Program Coursera

This course in algorithms and data structures is offered by the University of California by San Diego and the national research institute.  The course provides a good mix of theory and practice where the students can learn the theory behind algorithms, implement them in a programming language of their choice and apply them for solving practical problems.

It is one of the popular courses offered by Coursera, so don't worry about the credibility of the course and register yourself for admissions ASAP. The program consists of 6 different courses starting with theory and basic algorithmic techniques and then gradually moves to advanced algorithms and complexity. The course covers the topics that are as given below:  ·      

Using Data Structures in Different Computational Problems

  • Graph data structure     
  • Algorithms on graphs
  • Algorithms on strings
  • Advanced algorithmic concepts, which include Network flows, linear programming, and NP-complete problems.

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The philosophy of this data structures and algorithms course is learning through practicing. The lecture provided on the course consists of 1 or 2 hours with some embedded quizzes followed by the code solutions to the problem set. The main feature of this course is specially created 100 algorithmic coding challenges that help turn a learner into a pro algorithmic design.

Data Structures and Algorithms

It is the most comprehensive course on data structure and algorithms using Java. It provides you an excellent and straightforward guide to implement the most up-to-date algorithms from scratch: arrays, graph algorithms, and sorting, etc. 

This course will also learn about binary trees, balanced trees like AVL trees and red-black trees, heaps including heap sort algorithm, associative arrays and dictionaries. If you are a Java developer and looking for an excellent data structure and algorithm course, you should join this. This course is comprehensive but, at the same time, both exciting and challenging.

Easy to Advanced Data Structures

It is a great course to learn Data Structure and Algorithms and may be worth it for you. This data structure and algorithm course from Udemy is for all those who want to learn data structures from an absolute basic to advanced level.

This course does not expect you to know data structures, but the basic prior knowledge of Java is helpful. The course has more than 25k students and an average of 4.1 ratings from 683 rating, which is impressive. In simple words, it is a complete guide for learning everything about data structures.

Algorithms Specialization by Stanford University

This algorithms course is a MOOC offered by the Stanford University. Understanding the basics of algorithms and related data structures is important for doing serious work in almost any branch of computer science. Therefore, Stanford offers a mandated version of this course in every computer science degree program bachelor's, master's, and Ph.D.

This course introduces learners to the algorithms and focuses on concept-based understanding instead of delving into mathematical details and low-level implementation straight away. This course helps to develop the programming and thinking skills of the participants, so they are well-positioned to pursue serious software engineering, ace technical interviews, and study more advanced topic in algorithms. There are four courses in this program.

Algorithms and Data Structures

Being a java developer, you are a bit biased to include more data structure and algorithm courses than any other language. It is the most impressive course for learning a data structure and algorithms you have attended and found suitable. In this course, you will learn about the core data structures and algorithms used in everyday applications.

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Top Adult Learning Courses for Seniors

You will learn about all the trade-offs that are involved with choosing each data structure, along with traversal, retrieval, and update algorithms. It is part 1 of the two series courses covering algorithms and data structures. In the second part of the course, you will learn about linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, and hash tables.

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