Top Online Anger Management Classes of 2021

An online anger management course is a behavioral therapy that provides advice to anyone experiencing anger or emotional problems.

The courses are usually led by highly qualified teachers with knowledge of emotion regulation, anger management, and healthy communication skills.

There are many anger management courses to choose from, but ideally, the group leader should be a trained psychotherapist with knowledge of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) or similar methods.

Anger management courses have different lengths and different methods, depending on the needs of each person.

Although online courses are preferred during the pandemic, face-to-face courses may also be offered. Some patients prefer to have their therapist, while others are satisfied with self-paced research. provides a wide range of services, including treatments for anger. The online anger management course helped users find out what triggered their anger and then used CBT to show them new ways to manage their reactions to these triggers.

The website uses a range of tools and techniques, including one-on-one treatments, worksheets, on-site classes, lesson plans, and yoga. The site connects each user with their therapist, who acts as a guide throughout the process. Users can also use the service anonymously. You can keep the course confidential.

Although the site offers free content, you must register to try their anger management therapy.

The basic plan costs $39.95 per week, including online treatment. At USD 59.99 per week, users can get all the benefits of the basic plan, as well as 30 minutes of therapist meetings and news at any time of the week.

This course has a 20% discount for the first month.

Open Path

Open Path offers various anger management courses that can be used for personal development and development.

The length of the online anger management course ranges from 4, 8, or 12 hours to 52 hours and can be conducted in one year and one week. The Open Path online course is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, designed to help listeners recognize anger and learn practical solutions to deal with emotions and reactions.

Users reported that these courses helped them overcome difficulties at work and provided them with new methods to use in their daily lives. The reviews also recommend easy-to-understand course materials. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate, and the site offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. After the registration fee of $4.99, course prices range from $17 (4-hour course) to $115 (52-hour course).

Anger Master

Anger Master is a collection of online courses created by certified lecturers from the National Anger Management Association. The length of this online anger management course varies from 4 hours to 18 hours. According to the website, most people benefit from 8-hour or 12-hour courses. The course helps students distinguish between healthy and unhealthy anger, learn calm methods and develop self-confidence. The longer courses on the site also help develop healthier habits and skills and find more positive ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and anger.

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An 18-hour course is $94.99. Customized courses are also provided, focusing on personal needs.

Anger Management Training Academy

The online anger management course is offered in units of 8, 16, or 24 hours and meets legal and trial requirements. This online anger management course explores the many ways patients can reduce anger in their own lives, from studying the relationship between anger and potential addiction to learning how to deal with difficult emotions. Anger Management Academy offers comprehensive courses that contain skills that you can use after completing the course.

85 USD in 8-hour training, 90 USD in 16-hour and 100 USD for a 24-hour course. All three courses were awarded at $65 at the time of publishing.

The fee includes a certificate, which is also certified after completion.

Logan Group International Course

This online anger management course offers a variety of affordable courses, including specialized anger management courses. Licensed consultants prepare all courses. You can do this yourself, so you do not have to adjust to the schedules of other people. Courts and probation officials frequently accept the training given. Logan Group International also provides a variety of related courses, such as online community services, theft and thief treatment, and domestic violence intervention courses. The costs are $24.95 for the four-hour rage course. A decreasing ratio in 52 hours amounts to $159.95. The cost of an intense 8-hour rage on the road is $39.95.

After each course is completed and the money paid, all members receive a certificate.

The Final Anger Management Guide

This online anger management course was developed by relationship expert Dr. John Schinnerer to reduce stress and help participants solve professional and family problems that already have a better understanding of their anger triggers.

The course is taught through a series of videos and lasts for 15 weeks. This course is recognized and suitable for anyone who wants to work on emotional health, self-esteem, and relationships in their free time. It also provides free trial training. The cost for 15 weeks is US$ 69.95 (US$ 197). Videos and course content can be saved at any time by the participants to be viewed.

Udemy Anger Curriculum

Udemy is offering an inexpensive "True Effective Anger Management Techniques" online course. The Udemy Curiosity Management course is perfect for anybody wishing to learn how to regulate their reactions and feelings better.

This online anger management course includes 3 hours of video and 21 downloadable files. They also provide lifelong access to members and mobile access. The commentary-based content also contains guidance on how to regulate anger using meditation and breathing methods.

Whether you are new to online therapy or visiting the therapist regularly, an online anger management course will come in handy when you are committed to emotional health or learning to control your temper.

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