Top Profitable Niches For Online Courses In 2021

A few months after the outbreak of Covid19, the online learning market looks more optimistic than ever. People all over the world want to improve their skills, learn more, or perform well in a specific field, and they all choose to invest in an online course. Below we have given the top profitable online course niches in 2021.

Data Science

When data science first entered the mainstream as a profession, traditional education was not ready to reach its full potential course, but now it is a fully profitable online course niche.

As Google Trends shows, the demand for data science teaching has increased in the past 12 months. We have seen the number of people interested in teaching and learning data science increase over time. This trend continues!

Most people who are interested in online data science courses have more diverse backgrounds, and they all need knowledge in basic fields such as mathematics, computer science, and business to succeed in these fields.


The benefits of playing and listening to music are well known. In addition to improving cognition, memory, and learning processes, music can also promote creative thinking and combat serious mental and physical illnesses such as anxiety, stress, and depression, brain and heart problems.

For this reason, in addition to participating in creative activities, many people have turned to music for healing, and they cannot be blamed.

It is also one of the best forms of self-expression and entertainment. It can be said to be the most popular form of entertainment in all societies around the world.

Learning to play a musical instrument, such as piano, guitar, violin, or singing, is a healthy and pleasant activity that anyone can participate in.

As you can see, there is a growing demand for online piano lessons. If you are a music teacher, you can use this information to your advantage. Start monetizing your music skills now and bring your knowledge to the world with this profitable online course niche.

Regardless of whether people switch from physical education to online education due to the new crown pneumonia, it seems that the demand for music courses, especially piano performance, is increasing, and more and more people hope to learn piano through online courses.


Photography makes it possible to see the world through different lenses literally and metaphorically.

When people try to capture the life around them and share their views with the rest of the world, people are more interested in photography than ever before.

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The rise of social media and its use has provided many reasons for photography to be included in the list of favorite hobbies.

The desire for more professional photography is evident in the entire online social space. On Instagram, people share parts of their daily lives, including photos of nature, places they have been to, or photos of their first baking cheesecake.

As a photography teacher, you can choose a photography major that suits your style and start teaching others what you already know.

Online teaching photography is a profitable online course niche and a considerable income for any photographer, especially now that many real events, weddings, and other events have been canceled. Teaching online skills can be a part-time job, or it can become a mature online business.


Marketing courses are always relevant and can be associated with any profession. But as the entrepreneurial route becomes more and more popular, it becomes important to understand how to start a business, promote and promote your services and products.

Introduction to digital marketing and social media, as well as learning how to invest in business brands, customer loyalty, and measuring marketing analysis are the core of any marketing plan.

If you have an advanced degree or relevant knowledge and experience in this field, marketing is a good subject for teaching or learning courses.

As more and more workplaces go online, remote workplaces and distance learning become popular, digital marketing is more important than ever, and everyone is waiting to crack the password.

There are many free courses and paid courses on the subject, but experienced marketers always have space to teach them skills in this profitable online course niche, especially specific skills!


Like marketing, accounting is an indispensable part of conducting business. Over time, accounting qualifications have become essential for anyone who can work in the field.

People who understand numbers and are primarily concerned about money are becoming more and more interested in the work of accountants, as the number of Google searches for "online accounting courses" shows.

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Regardless of the industry or business, their services are in demand all over the world.

Learning bookkeeping online may be a rewarding experience, and the possibilities seem to expand.

This profitable online course niche is an integral part of many professions because it requires retraining and updating your knowledge for recertification. Accountants, lawyers, and many other professions are calling for such training on the front lines.

Computer Skills

With the advent of new technologies, it is increasingly difficult for senior professionals to keep up with the ability to use computers or other digital devices effectively. The central role in modern daily life.

Technical understanding is a more important skill than ever because it can help seniors succeed at work and keep in touch with family and friends.

If you have computer skills, a profitable online course niche helping seniors improve their digital skills while providing computer-based online learning may be the way to go.

These profitable online course niches are expected to continue to evolve in the coming years and provide online teachers with the opportunity to teach in the areas they know and love the most.

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