Top Three Online Courses for Teachers

Take courses for teachers with you and improve your future and your students' future. We understand that teachers who love to teach; still sometimes ignore how passionate they are regarding their teaching, even if it sticks to history and improves their teaching style, giving their students a new lease of life. 

To this end, we want to provide educated people who want to continue learning.

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  • Improve your teaching

All courses focus on center teaching fields and are associated with Cambridge teaching standards.

  • Bitesize and low data

These courses are straightforward, simple, and designed to use very little data.

  • Gain a certificate

You will get a certificate for every completed course. This is a great way to mark your improvement as a teacher.

  • Change lives

Learning new skills means you will be a better teacher to help your students improve their future.

Find out more about what you'll learn from the top online courses for teachers. Here are our top 3 courses:

Use Your Smartphone: Become a Digital Learner(Beginner)

Do you have a smartphone still unsure how to use it effectively? This course is designed for teachers and educators who are curious about using their smartphones to support their personal and professional lives. This course will help you learn an excellent learning tool that is your smartphone.

Course objectives

  • Appreciate digital learning and recognize the difference in your digital literacy learning.
  • Describe the purpose of digital terms and phrases.
  • Source, create, and evaluate various digital resources;
  • Use your smartphone effectively to improve your digital literacy.
  • List many ways to access and reduce your data / Wi-Fi.
  • Contact learning groups to help with your digital learning.

Course Content

  1. Using your smartphone introduction: Become a digital learner. 4 topics
  2. Use digital resources to find new information for your education: 6 topics
  3. Using Websites to Familiarize Your Teaching: 12 topics
  4. Building Your Digital Community: 7 topics
  5. Staying Safe Online: 6 topics
  6. Grow as Digital Learner: Evaluation and Conclusion: 4 topics

Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners

Do you want to improve your lesson plan to ensure you reach out to all the students in your classroom? Planning Lessons Plan 1 and 2 explore ways to write a practical lesson to reach all learning sections, explore the scope of each part of the lesson idea, and come up with new ideas to try.  

Course objectives

  • Consider your learning experiences
  • Distinguish the steps required in learning something innovative
  • Learn why teacher role lessons are important
  • Consider your lesson plans
  • Start or collaborate on your faculty portfolio
  • Identify a learning partner or continue working with them.

Course Content

  1. Welcome to Preparation Lessons to Join All Learners 
  2. So Why Lesson Planning?
  3. Plan Lessons to Join All Learners Course Objectives
  4. Planning Lessons to Reach All Learners Part 1 Course Objectives
  5. The Structure of Teach2030 Courses
  6. How a Teacher Portfolio Supports Your Teaching?
  7. Creating a Teacher Portfolio
  8. Teacher Portfolio: Summary
  9. The Importance of a Learning Partner
  10. Video: The Benefits of a Learning Partner
  11. Who Will Be Your Learning Partner?
  12. Getting to Know Your Learning Partner
  13. How Good Are Your Instructions?
  14. Why is Planning So Important?
  15. Video: When Did You Last Learn Something New?
  16. Planning in Your Personal Life
  17. Personal Planning Broken Down
  18. Further Reading on Why We Plan
  19. Reviewing Your Lesson Plan
  20. What Would You Change?

Practical Active Learning for Your Classroom

Would you want to learn deeper about active training and how to use it efficiently in your classroom? Practical Active Learning and your classroom explain what this means, ideas, and techniques to keep your learners engaged - and learn!

Course objectives

  • Examine how you would define learning
  • Prepare your teacher's portfolio
  • Partner with a partner and learn together
  • Create a learning culture

Course Content

  1. Practical Active Learning: Welcome and Registration
  2. Practical Active Learning for Your Classroom: Course Objectives
  3. Course Goals for Practical Quick Learning for Your Classroom
  4. The Structure of Teach2030 Courses
  5. Why Keep a Teacher Portfolio?
  6. How a Teacher Portfolio Supports Your Teaching
  7. Creating a Teacher Portfolio
  8. Teacher Portfolio: Summary
  9. The Importance of a Learning Partner
  10. Video: The Benefits of a Learning Partner
  11. Who Will Be Your Learning Partner?
  12. Getting to Know Your Learning Partner
  13. How Would You Describe Learning?
  14. Definitions of Learning
  15. Creating a Culture of Learning
  16. Reflecting on Four Key Actions for Learning
  17. Practical Active Learning: Continue Your Learning


Start your learning journey with our most popular curriculum courses. The above TOCFT (Top Online Courses for Teachers) provides a broad, engaging, and creative approach to teaching and learning from universities and organizations worldwide, from technology in the classroom to comprehensive teaching. All courses can be audited for free, although most offer to obtain a certificate whether you are in SEC ED or HIGH ED, an experienced instructor, or a new, innovative educator in a specific subject area.

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