5 Top Ultimate Google Ads Training Courses

One of the most famous search engines, data states google sees 2.3 million searches performed on it every minute. These searches for a large part also include Google ads.

Google Ads is Google's online advertising program. This program allows one to create online advertisements that reach users through search results when they look for or show interest in the products and services one offers. Google Ads thus is a program that can be effectively put to use in order to promote businesses, rake up sales of products or services, raise engagement and awareness of one’s commercial ventures, and increase traction and traffic to one’s website. Since Google Ads as a program has an online foundation, it allows users the opportunity creative liberty for edits and modifications in ad campaigns at any time, be it in the actual content of one’s ad to even the budget of advertising. It also offers users the freedom to determine and change their budget, for it does not have a minimum spending commitment.

Top Ultimate Google Ads Training Courses

Since Google ads are one of the most convenient and efficacious ways of driving traffic to one’s website at relevant times i.e. when someone searches for products or services the business offers, it has many courses and online forums that attempt to familiarize businesses, commercial ventures and independent sellers with the structure, knowhow and features to effectively use Google Ads, the following are some of the top Google Ads Training Courses:

  1. Google AdWords Training Course by Love Data

Suitable both for beginners as well as those who have had considerable experience with Google Ads, this course is headed by experts who aim to provide theoretical information and practical training to enable users to optimize their business campaigns. Boasting of action-orientated and practical approach, LoveData’s Training course guarantees to those who enroll the ability and knowledge to manage campaigns, ad groups, keyword lists, ads, ad extensions and so on. With an exhaustive and comprehensive course structure, this program covers an array of sub-themes be it Account setup, navigation and interface to campaign optimization, it is also created in a way that offers maximum depth in the varieties of people it would assist fruitfully be it SEO specialists, In-house marketing staff, or technicians and IT fields.

  1. Google Ads For Beginners 2021 - Step By Step Process

Created by Josh George of Click Slice Ltd and priced at a discount price of 455 rupees, this course offers to teach the learners how to set up and run profitable Google search ads. What is also distinctive about this course is that in addition to theory, the course attempts to provide the learner the opportunity to see all theoretical knowledge subsumed in the course structure applied in real-time, thereby making the course extremely action and implementation-oriented. With an extensive curriculum Google Ads For Beginners, 2021 attempts to familiarize its enrollers with all the nitty-gritty of running a successful google ads campaign by covering topics such as learning to set up one’s first Google Ad from scratch all the way to learning the skills to track conversions and optimize ad campaigns.

  1. Smart Shopping Campaigns with PPCKirk

Taught by Kirk Williams, the course primarily focuses on the Growth of Sales through Google Shopping Ads Automation and imparts a range of knowledge from how to best optimize one’s feed to account structuring. With its main concern on shopping, the course enables learners to distinguish between smart and standard shopping practices and explains how those differences should influence how one optimizes their feed, creates ads and manages E-commerce Campaigns in general. This course although can be helpful for anyone wishing to get acquainted with google ads, does have a specific target audience who would benefit greatly including Ecommerce Paid Search Marketers, Small Business owners who can’t hire an agency to look after their ad campaigns and PPC Marketers.

  1. Google Ads/AdWords Consultation

Created by Trevor Geller and Chris Haroun, this course is perhaps best suited for small businesses who want to get the most out of Google Ads, those who need to understand the essentials of Google Ads, but not in the capacity of a full-time Google Ads expert as well as someone new to Google Ads attempting to sustainably grow their business. The course structure is well mapped out and will offer their learners some broad skills including- use of conversion tracking to accurately measure Google Ads return, building high-performing search campaigns as well as the knowledge needed to leverage google’s resources to obtain maximum benefit from Google ads.

  1. Google AdWords Essential Training

A course for beginners, Google AdWords essential training offered by Lynda spans across a wide range of topics broadly focusing on explaining how AdWords works, knowledge of business structures and consumer behavior as well as the practical element of setting up a new AdWords account and information on keywords. More specifically, and distinctively it can guarantee its users the learning of skills for analytical initiatives, ad optimization, conversions, and more prominently newer strides in learning audience remarketing and benefits of ad extensions.

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