What Are The Top Free Online Typing Courses?

We type not just on computers and laptops, but even on our smartphones. If you're like me, you prefer to text over talking on the phone because when talking, we don't move off our subject and the ultimately save time is passing details. Today we'll learn about What are the top free online typing courses?

These free typing lessons will teach you how to type and help you improve your accuracy and speed. They cater to every age group and circumstance, and each one has its own set of features that make it amazing and special.

There are several free online typing courses for beginners that teach you how to position your fingers, good typing ergonomics, and how to type faster. Here are some excellent online typing courses that are both free and sufficient for beginners. They are immensely beneficial in terms of laying a solid base and learning the fundamentals of typing.

With auto-correct and dictation becoming more popular, our typing skills are often taken for granted. Touch typing, on the other hand, is a time-saving technique that can help a wide variety of users.

As a result, I've compiled a list of the best free online touch typing courses for 2021, so you can reclaim your keyboard!

If you want to learn to type with the aid of a typing instructor, we've put together a list of the Top 5 free typing courses that are among the best available. These are the best free typing courses for learning to type quickly on your computer.FreeTypingGame.net: Customizable Options

Top free online typing courses:

  1. Touch Typing Study: Lessons for Non-English Keyboards
  2. Sense-Lang.org: Enter Your Own Text
  3. Speed Typing Online: Set Your Own Goals
  4. TypingClub: Hundreds of Lessons

FreeTypingGame.net: Customizable Options

One of the best top free online typing course. There are 30 free lessons here that focus on two letters or two characters at a time on the keyboard.

You can set a WPM target, choose if the keyboard should be visible while you're learning, change the lesson time and font size, and make other adjustments before the lesson begins. You can begin your lesson after a brief introduction to the new keys.

At the bottom of each typing lesson, the remaining time, as well as the WPM, are shown. Your cumulative statistics and an indication of whether or not you reached your target area at the end.

Touch Typing Study: Lessons for Non-English Keyboards

Touch Typing Study offers 15 free typing lessons, as well as games and speed tests, in a variety of languages and keyboard layouts.

Each lesson is divided into topics so you can see what's coming up next or skip ahead if you're confident in your abilities.

You'll be able to see your mistakes, speed, and time spent on the lesson while typing.

Sense-Lang.org: Enter Your Own Text

Sense-Lang.org has 16 free typing lessons along with a feature that allows you to use your own text to practice.

Each lesson features an animated keyboard, making it easy to get a visual of how you should be typing and what you need to do to make fewer mistakes. During the lessons, you'll be able to see real-time typing stats for your WPM, time, and accuracy. No doubt this is the best top free online typing course

Teachers can also use these lessons to build online classes, assign lessons, and receive feedback on their students' progress. They're available in a number of languages, as well as for international keyboards.

Speed Typing Online: Set Your Own Goals

Speed Typing Online has 17 traditional lessons that involve learning all of the letters on the keyboard and then putting your skills to the test through feedback. You can then progress to the advanced lessons, where you can begin stringing certain letters together to form words.

Any result you see on these typing lessons can be shared using a unique URL, allowing you to brag about your results.

You can keep track of your progress and set custom goals if you register (which is free). You'll also have access to a variety of free typing exercises and games.

TypingClub: Hundreds of Lessons

TypingClub provides a range of typing lessons in which you can master the alphabet keys, shift keys, numbers, and symbols. There are also lessons devoted solely to speed. You can go to either of them at any time, or you can take placement tests to demonstrate your abilities.

You'll be able to see the pace and accuracy as you go through these. If you build a free account, you'll be able to monitor your progress as you go through the lessons, as well as record your highest WPM and look at some other statistics.

Teachers can use TypingClub to keep track of their student's progress, personalize lessons, and handle multiple classes.

The Premium version eliminates advertising and introduces story typing, sports, replay attempts, additional themes, and typing reports.

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