WHAT TO DO to Keep Your Kids Safe Online During Remote Learning

As parents, all of us always try our best to do the best things for kids. True, for parents, the safety of their children always gets put on the top. This year of back-to-school will be a bit different in most of the countries in the world, when the pandemic of Covid-19 is spreading everywhere on the planet, distance learning is the most effective method to keep your kids safe from coronavirus germs. Still, your kids at that time will face many damages on the internet, when all your families have to work or don't have the condition to be beside your kids. Each day, kids can use the computer for some hours or more if they are not under the control of their parents. This is easy for bullies, predators attack your kid with inappropriate content online. Don't worry, here are some cyber safety tips, can help your kids stay safe online when you are not at home.

1. Active to Say openly with your child about their online activity

Understanding your kids' mental thoughts is the best way you can control your kids. Right when your kids begin to visit the internet, you should actively talk to them lightly about what they are learning, watching, and figure out the teacher or anyone appearing in your kids' lesson. The children are so sincere so you can ask them which sites they access or what apps they are using, they will say all for you right that. Don't forget to remember to list all sites or apps, you can easily control to protect your kids, even you can learn together with your kids. After that, Betake a look and say with your children about what you think is suitable, repeat them to avoid bad sources.

2. Careful-check the settings on tools and apps

Before checking, let's make sure that your child just downloads apps for schoolwork that have been checked by the school. Then, you need to be into all the tools your child will be using for school to learn online, at that time you start to set up respective security settings. For instance, if your children will be using Zoom to take part in online meetings with other pupils to join lessons that the school gives, you need to focus on certain features—such as only allowing signed-in users to join and the waiting room (are enabled). This protects your kids from hackers or any other unwanted participants.

3. Ensure screens and devices where you can see

Keep in mind that you have to note the time of learning online and monitor your child’s time online. To easily see screens and devices your kids learn, you need to put the computer in a central spot in your home, ensuring all things, activities are in your control. Apart from learning-time, you should turn off your phone or let your devices un-connect wifi, so your kids can not access the internet without you. You also ought to tell your kids to avoid using tablets, laptops, or gaming in bedrooms.

One more thing, you could check browser histories after your child has been online to find what sites they are approaching if your kids are younger.

4.Prevent distractions and filter inappropriate content by using tools

Using the matched parental controls right and set them up on your child’s devices right now. After setting up those tools, you can limit visits to appropriate websites or apps during the school day that help your child get distracted, especially if you may block bad websites to prevent your child from accessing inappropriate content

Yet, all parents should not belong much to over-reliant on content filtering solutions, because they are just tools, not safety-perfect tools. Sometimes, you still see inappropriate or spammy content appear. We still encourage parents to talk openly to children about the risks posed by the internet, and why we need to avoid them.

5.Know your kids make friends with who on the internet

Based on a recent NortonLifeLock study, many parents who revealed their child’s online time has skyrocketed during the pandemic of Covid-19. However, making use of this, many predators join fake online chat rooms and create social media profiles, giving fake information like their name and age to easily make friends with young children. At that time, they will force your children to reveal sensitive or personal information about themselves.

6. Limit reveal personal information online to protect your privacy

Let's follow this if your child usually uses social networks, let's make your child know the potential risk of personal information or images being public since they post them on the internet. In the best ways, you need to actively remind them to be cautious and really thoughtful about what they will post and share with everyone.  Encourage your children to limit public personal information such as name, phone number, home address, email, name of the school.

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7. Remind your children to keep their location private

Nowadays, most apps, websites and devices have features that require you to update your location private to public, so someone knows your address easily. The best way is to switch off this feature before. Several social media platforms automatically hide this data, but not all is the same, so be sure to remind your kids right now to keep their location unpublic.

8.Teach your kids to avoid clicking on unfamiliar or sketchy links

 Scammers usually use pop-ups and fake emails to scam victims. Unfortunately, to children, these strange things can be attractive. Teach your child to be thoughtful before they click any strange links. Try to remind your child to avoid clicking on unfamiliar or sketchy links because that may lead them to dangerous sites or inappropriate content.

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