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General Education Requirements < Mississippi State University


An audited course counts as part of a student’s regular load. Students auditing a class are not required to take tests and/or examinations or to prepare other written assignments. Otherwise, conformity to regular classroom rules including attendance requirements is the same as for students taking the course

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Online Education < Mississippi State University


Mississippi State University offers a variety of online graduate courses and academic programs for Online students. For a list of academic programs offered Online, please refer to the section titled Degrees and Majors Offered, where a table lists all graduate programs and indicates the campus (Starkville, Meridian, or Distance) at which each is offered.

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Department of Finance and Economics < Mississippi State ...


Elective courses should be chosen with the advisor’s approval and used to enhance the student’s overall program. Only grades of C or higher will be accepted for EC courses that are counted toward the major. The economics faculty offers a minor in economics through the College of Arts and Sciences.

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Course Numbering System < Mississippi State University


Courses are listed alphabetically by course symbol. Each department entry contains a description of the courses. System of Course Numbers. All course numbers consist of four digits, of which the first (left) digit indicates the level of preparation required and the fourth (right) digit indicates the number of …

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Animal Nutrition < Mississippi State University


The graduate program in Animal Nutrition is an interdepartmental curriculum leading to a Master of Science in Agriculture with a concentration in Animal Nutrition or a Doctor of Philosophy in Agricultural Sciences with a concentration in Animal Nutrition.

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Department of Biological Sciences < Mississippi State ...


Courses The Department of Biological Sciences provides an outstanding educational experience across the entire field of biology. Our expert faculty have diverse research and teaching interests that span molecular and cellular biology, microbiology, computational biology, evolutionary biology, genetics, and ecology, of all living organisms.

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Aerospace Engineering < Mississippi State University


ASE 8990 Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering: 1-9 hours. Credit and title to be arranged. This course is to be used on a limited basis to offer developing subject matter areas not covered in existing courses. (Courses limited to two offerings under one title within two academic years)

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Undergraduate Catalog A-Z Index < Mississippi State University


Mississippi State, MS 39762 | 662.325.2323 © 2012 Mississippi State University. All rights reserved.

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Sociology < Mississippi State University


This course is to be used on a limited basis to offer developing subject matter areas not covered in existing courses. (Courses limited to two offerings under one title within two academic years) SO 9000 Dissertation Research /Dissertation in Sociology: 1-13 hours.

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Enrollment & Registration < Mississippi State University


Full-time Course Load Fall and Spring. A full-time course load in fall and spring semesters is enrollment in 9-13 credit hours. A student may register for additional hours only by submitting to the Registrar’s Office a Request for Scheduling Overload Form approved by the student’s Graduate Coordinator, Department Head, and Academic Dean and sent to the Registrar for processing.

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Music < Mississippi State University


Music Minor Mississippi State University offers MSU students the opportunity to complete a minor in music. The Music Minor is a comprehensive set of courses designed to increase student musicianship and knowledge. Students must audition and be accepted as a …

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Shackouls Honors College < Mississippi State University


The Honors College strongly encourages Mississippi State students to develop a global perspective through foreign language study and study abroad. Our Honors students have studied in Spain, Italy, Germany, Quebec, and Australia. Beyond the exposure to other peoples and other cultures, the Honors College also seeks to connect our students to international universities and agencies of the highest …

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