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Free Online Courses | Harvard University


Browse the latest free online courses from Harvard University, including "CS50's Introduction to Game Development" and "CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript."

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Online Genetics Courses | Harvard University


Browse the latest online genetics courses from Harvard University, including " Bioethics: The Law, Medicine, and Ethics of Reproductive Technologies and Genetics" and "CRISPR: Gene-editing Applications ."

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HMX Genetics | Harvard University - Harvard Online Courses


A solid understanding of genetics has never been more important for the practice of medicine. This course, led by Dr. Christine DeGennaro (Harvard Medical School), Dr. Robert C. Green (Harvard Medical School / Brigham & Women's Hospital), and Carrie Blout, MS, CGC, LGC (Brigham & Women's Hospital), spans the field from basic to advanced genetics.

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Principles of Biochemistry - Harvard Online Courses


Course description. Principles of Biochemistry integrates an introduction to the structure of macromolecules and a biochemical approach to cellular function. Topics addressing protein function will include enzyme kinetics, the characterization of major metabolic pathways and their interconnection into tightly regulated networks, and the ...

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Online Biochemistry Courses | Harvard University


Browse the latest online biochemistry courses from Harvard University, including "HMX Biochemistry."

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Online Microbiology Courses | Harvard University


Browse the latest online microbiology courses from Harvard University, including "HMX Immunology" and "Novel Therapies for Chronic Inflammation, Autoimmunity, and Allergy."

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Online Pharmacology Courses | Harvard University


Browse the latest online pharmacology courses from Harvard University, including "Challenging Cases in Toxicology" and "Assessment and Treatment of Major Depressive Disorders."

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HMX Pharmacology - Online Courses | Harvard University


 · Course description. Understanding how drugs act in the body is vital for effectively treating patients. In HMX Pharmacology, you’ll learn about the principles governing how drugs impact the body, and learn how this knowledge comes into play in real-world scenarios and clinical settings.

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Calculus 1 | Harvard University - Harvard Online Courses


Course description. This is a complete course in first-semester calculus. Topics include the meaning, use, and interpretation of the derivative; techniques of differentiation; applications to curve sketching and optimization in a variety of disciplines; the definite integral and some applications; and the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus.

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Precalculus - Online Courses | Harvard University


Course description. An intensive course for students with superior algebra skills who want to enroll in MATH E-15 the following term. Requires the use of a graphing calculator. Students enrolling for graduate credit participate in weekly pedagogical seminars designed for current and future K-12 teachers.

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Linear Algebra and Real Analysis I - Harvard Online Courses


Course description This course is an integrated treatment of linear algebra, real analysis and multivariable differential calculus, with an introduction to manifolds. Students are introduced to higher-level mathematics and proof-writing, with a requirement to learn twenty-six important proofs.

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Linear Algebra | Harvard University - Harvard Online Courses


Course description. This course covers the following topics: solving systems of linear equations; matrices and linear transformations; image and kernel of a linear transformation; matrices and coordinates relative to different bases; determinants; eigenvalues and eigenvectors; discrete and continuous dynamical systems; least-squares approximation; applications, differential equations, and ...

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