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UNI ScholarWorks at the University of Northern Iowa

UNI ScholarWorks collects, preserves and makes available the digital research and creative and scholarly output from the University of Northern Iowa (UNI) community. Our goal is to showcase the knowledge, creativity and innovative spirit of UNI.

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private college and a four year public university) were administered an online survey using The survey was made available to all students at the three institutions for a period of 4 weeks with multiple participation reminders. At the conclusion of the four weeks the data were tabulated and evaluated to address the

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Constructivism and distance education : meeting the needs ...


learning courses. Resources consist primarily of books and articles published from 1995 to the present, dealing with issues of constructivism, andragogy, and distance education. The topics covered include constructivism, adult learners, and constructivist-based strategies integration

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The effects of blended learning on K-12th grade students


The effects of blended learning on K-12th grade students . Abstract . Blended learning is used to incorporate technology into the classroom and to aid in instruction. This literature review examines the effects of blended learning on student engagement, student achievement, and student perception in K-12th grade classrooms.

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UNI Programs and Courses Catalogs | University of Northern ...


This University of Northern Iowa catalog is an annual publication. Catalogs prior to 2016 were published biennially. Prior to the 2004-2006 edition, catalogs were published as part of the school bulletin and carry corresponding volume and issue numbering.

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The use of productive questions in the early childhood ...


early childhood classroom. To establish a foundation, child development, early childhood education, and questioning strategies that are currently employed in school or day care settings will be covered first. Finally, there will be a look at the misunderstandings that

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A master's recital in flute


 · from Telemann’s fantasia published in 1733 to Clarke’s composition released in 2012, illustrating the variety and virtuosity of the flute repertoire. Fantasia No. 3 in B Minor, Georg Philipp Telemann Georg Philipp Telemann

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"Notes on the Discomycete Flora of Iowa" by Fred Jay Seaver


Fred Jay Seaver. Document Type. Research. Abstract. The following is a list of a number of species of Discomycetes (including Hvsterineae) collected during the last year, which have not been reported in previous papers, also a few notes on other species. This paper is a continuation of the one published in the last volume of the Proceedings of ...

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"An Annotated List of Iowa Discomycetes" by Fred Jay Seaver


Fred Jay Seaver. Document Type. Research. Abstract. The Discomycetes include a large and much neglected group of fungi, variable in form and size and of wide distribution. During the last three seasons, a large number of local species have been added to those already reported, and in this paper an attempt has been made to bring together and ...

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"University Catalog 1990-1992" by University of Northern Iowa


 · Description. This catalog is published for students and other persons who want to know more about the University of Northern Iowa. Its purpose is to communicate as objectively and completely as possible what the university is and what it does. The catalog is presented in sections to give a general view of the university

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Author: Robert James Waller / Materials Collected at UNI ...


Biography: Robert James Waller is the author of thirteen books, both fiction and non-fiction. He has also released one CD, The Ballads Madison County: A Collection of Songs (1993) as a companion to his most famous novel, The Bridges of Madison County (1992). Waller

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