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Tips for Taking Online Classes: 8 Strategies for Success


 · Online classes can present unique challenges, however, if you’re not prepared. But if you develop skills for effective online learning, you’ll find the courses can be an excellent alternative to a traditional classroom setting. Here are some tips for online learning success to make sure you get the most value out of your next class.

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Online Advanced Accounting Certificate | Bachelor's Degree ...


Advanced Accounting The certificate program in Advanced Accounting is designed for those who already possess an understanding of accounting principles and would like to prepare for an accounting-related career such as auditing, financial analysis, taxation, budgeting and control, cost accounting, or asset management.

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Online Learning - Northeastern University


Northeastern Online Our online degrees combine the academic excellence you expect from a top-tier global research university with all the flexibility your life needs. Whether you choose to study online, take classes on campus, or both, the program and degree you earn is exactly the same.

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MS in Engineering Management — Online | Northeastern ...


A graduate degree or certificate from Northeastern—a top-40 university—can accelerate your career through rigorous academic coursework and hands-on professional experience in the area of your interest. Apply now—and take your career to the next level. ... Official curriculum can be found within the course catalog.

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Master of Science in Bioinformatics - Northeastern University


Northeastern University is committed to delivering cutting-edge programs that foster interdisciplinary thinking, research, and the pursuit of innovation-driven discoveries that have an impact on lives. That commitment and vision are at the very core of the MS in Bioinformatics.

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Academic Programs| Northeastern University Toronto


Available Online or through Other Campus Locations . Find Your Program . With the exception of MS Project Management, MS Cybersecurity, MS Regulatory Affairs for Drugs, Biologics and Medical Devices, MS Computer Science, MPS Analytics and MPS Informatics, these programs are not offered at or supported by the Northeastern University Toronto ...

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5 Reasons Hybrid Learning Might Be Right For You


  • You manage your time to meet the course deadlines. During the online portion of your hybrid courses, you manage your own time to meet the week’s deadlines and coursework, but during in-class sessions, you still get face-to-face to-do lists and reminders from your professor.
  • You get professor and classmate face time. Sometimes, it’s more comfortable making in-person connections than to network effectively online. With face-to-face course components, you can connect with your professor or classmates after class to network or ask a question—which can be highly advantageous come crunch time before an assignment due date or exam.
  • Everyone’s equal in online discussions. During in-person classes, the most extroverted students can often dominate the conversation, leading to fewer viewpoints being shared in discussions.
  • The learning doesn’t stop when you leave the classroom. In a traditional classroom, you show up for class once or twice a week, and during the time you’re not in class, you’re not connected or holding discussions with your classmates.
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    10 Benefits of Having a College Degree | Bachelor's Degree ...


  • Increased Access to Job Opportunities. Having a bachelor’s degree opens up rewarding opportunities that might have otherwise been inaccessible. College graduates see 57 percent more job opportunities than non-graduates, and it is estimated that, by 2020, two-thirds of all jobs will require postsecondary education.
  • Preparation for a Specialized Career. As the world changes, the job market changes with it. Technology, education, and health are three of the most rapidly growing fields for a good reason; they evolve so often that only the most accomplished individuals can do the work.
  • Increased Marketability. Having a bachelor’s degree will keep you in demand as the need for skilled, college-educated workers continues to rise. Over 80 percent of jobs in four of the fastest-growing occupations—healthcare, STEM, education, and government services—demand postsecondary education.
  • Increased Earning Potential. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has shared the average salary for those with various education levels, and the data is clear: The greater your level of education, the higher you can expect your salary to be.
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    Degree vs. Certificate Programs: What’s the Difference?


    Higher education is more valued in the workplace today than ever before. In fact, it’s been reported that individuals with bachelor’s degrees have 57 percent more job opportunities and earn 56 percent more than those with only a high school diploma. This type of data has encouraged many of the 36 million adults who dropped out of college before completing their bachelor’s degrees to go ...

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    Culturally Responsive Teaching: 5 Strategies for Educators


  • Activate students’ prior knowledge. Students are not blank slates, Childers-McKee says; they enter the classroom with diverse experiences. Teachers should encourage students to draw on their prior knowledge in order to contribute to group discussions, which provides an anchor to learning.
  • Make learning contextual. Tie lessons from the curriculum to the students’ social communities to make it more contextual and relevant, Childers-McKee advises.
  • Encourage students to leverage their cultural capital. Because not all students come from the same background, it’s important to encourage those who don’t to have a voice.
  • Reconsider your classroom setup. Take inventory of the books in your classroom library: Do they include authors of diverse races? Is the LGBTQ community represented?
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